32 percent of U.S. welfare recipients reside in California

california welfare rolls, california leads welfare rollsI had to laugh at Mark DeSaulnier’s quote in a press release yesterday touting his new smoking ban legislation. He crowed about California again leading the nation. What? In nuisance legislation?

The only thing California leads the nation in is stupidity. For instance: I Hart Politics posted some interesting data in the form of infographics. The images illustrate the impact of the welfare rolls in California compared to other states. “According to 2010 TANF data provided by HHS California accounts for 32.62% of all the welfare rolls in the country.” Click the image nearby or the link above to see horror and wonder in awe.

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  1. Wendy Lack says

    With business talent continuing its rush for the exits, soon the only ones left in California will be welfare recipients and public employees — hence, the perfect socialist state created by our Democratic representatives in Sacramento.

    Except for the fact that there’ll be no one left to pay for it all — oops. Maggie said it best:

    “When asked why the Labour government failed, Margaret Thatcher famously replied: ‘They have the usual socialist disease; they have run out of other people’s money to spend.’”

  2. Profile photo of Edi Birsan says

    Reading through to the link on the origin there are some interesting thread comments that are interesting:
    1. the numbers do not take into account the relationship to the size of the state- for example Wisconsin has 9% on welfare where we are significantly less.
    2. they numbers do not take into account growth of the problem… again it appears from the thread that Wisconsin has had a 25% increase in welfare.
    3. I also wonder about the method of counting on such things.

    The best that can always be said about welfare is that it is always too many and always somewhere abused and always not the answer but always needed in some form.

  3. Pay Attention says

    Good Ole KALIFORNIA, ” the welfare state” . I truly wonder if the residents of California will step in before it’s too late and vote out the ” Tax and Give away Politicians “. At 32% of welfare and the huge amount of public employee unions the state is transforming into a socialist run government. Remember California is the 8th larges economy in the world. Will it become the latest new socialistic country ? It is just a matter of time for all the walls to come tumbling down. You can never put out more than you take in even if our legislature thinks it.

    Our children are so screwed out of a decent life. Their future is to pay off the political spendthrifts of today.