ABAG central planning reminiscent of USSR

Busting to return to Bolshevism, regional and state authorities want to control how and where we live. The Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission want to approve a plan called the Sustainable Community Strategy. A first draft of the plan is to be released next month. The final document is due in 2013.

The Sustainable Community Strategy will, according to a February 18 editorial in the Contra Costa Times, “plan housing, job centers and transportation infrastructure, in a coordinated manner that reduces driving.”

F.A. Hayek’s classic analysis, “The Road of Serfdom,” denounces government planning as unworkable. Written in 1944, by the Austrian economist documented how Government planning always leads to oppression of the individual.

Think about the office of 1940. It had carbon paper, switchboards, mimeograph machines, and manual typewriters. The office of 2011 has e-mail, computers, word processors, the Internet, photocopy machines, voice mail, and laptops.

Can anyone predict what the office of 2080 will be like?

Governments cannot and should not engage in planning. It’s time to kill the Sustainable Community Strategy before it puts the yoke of Bolshevism around all of us.

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  1. g says

    It isn’t just ABAG. They are starting to hit the central valley. Soft sell. I’ll be watching to see what they come up with over the next year. After the soft sell.

    Check it out. http://www.valleyvisionstanislaus.com/

    Now watch the presentation at Newman City Council on 2/26/13. A bit slow to load, but the first presentation is what you’re after.


    I’m thinking it’s an invasion of the Pod People taking over.

  2. Ken Hambrick says

    I agree completely with Mr. Colman and Mrs. Lack. More and more our lives are being taken over by government. Many of these agencies like MTC, ABAG, ARB, etc., do not have directly elected board members and have no citizen input and are responsible to no one except themselves.

    Regional planning is an abomination that has nothing good in it for the individual citizen. It is a socialist (communist) plan that takes more freedoms from us and from our local government. Planning should be a local responsibility.

    I participated in all the Shaping Our Future sessions back when that exercise took place. It was entirely a consultant driven exercise, consultants who knew the result they wanted before the first session even started. As a career management consultant myself, I could smell the foul odor of this undertaking from the start.

    The county and cities wasted about $750K of our scarce tax dollars on this fiasco. Now it has raised its ugly head again and we have to stop it.

    MTC, and all these other out of control agencies want to force us all to live in bee hive complexes like the one just built at the Pleasant Hill BART station. In spite of the foreclosures and housing problems, the American dream is still to own a single family residence instead of living in a cell in one of these abominable projects.

    Socialism/communism has not worked anywhere in the world. Those countries that have implemented it are now falling apart. What is it these agencies don’t understand about citizen rights and freedom to choose? Let’s figure out how to stop this before we start falling apart.

  3. Wendy Lack says

    Thanks for your insightful comments.

    I originally thought that these regional planning agencies were implementing a state-mandate (SB 375). But now I’m hearing that the extent to which this anti-sprawl legislation is pursued is really up to the regional agencies. If this is indeed the case, then efforts to thwart this \sustainable communities\ planning model are working against nature, in that these regional planning agencies will promote this approach in order to gain more influence for themselves. Power corrupts, etc. etc. and we’re working with human nature here.

    Sounds as though individual planning agencies, such as city councils, are swimming against the current in fighting this \sustainable communities\ (aka Shaping Our Future, Part Deux) initiative designed to build undesirable housing in places most people won’t and don’t wish to live; and get everyone out of their convenient autos onto subsidized public transit to lengthen commute times and lose more public money (i.e., the more public transit runs, the more money it loses). In short, this sounds like the Europeanization of California.

    But there is much at stake for city councils and the people they represent, as local control is intentionally, directly thwarted by this \sustainable communities\ effort that involves:

    1. Creating regional targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction tied to land use.

    2. A requirement that regional planning agencies create a plan to meet those targets, even if that plan is in conflict with local plans.

    3. A requirement that regional transportation funding decisions be consistent with this new plan.

    4. Tethering together regional transportation planning and housing efforts for the first time.

    5. New CEQA exemptions and streamlining for projects that conform to the new regional plans, even if they conflict with local plans.

    It’s notable how many times the words \conflict with local plans\ is used! Hope that local elected officials are paying attention . . . .

    If anyone has additional insights re this, please share!