Assemblywoman Buchanan sends Get-Rich-Quick mailer to constituents

Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan (AD-15) sent out what must be a joke mailing Wednesday urging constituents to check out the Secretary of State’s Unclaimed Property database to see if a long lost rich uncle has left them millions. How cruel can you get? California is going to hell in a handbasket and we get this from our leaders? Look for these other Get-Rich-Quick schemes coming soon from Assemblywoman Buchanan!

– Sign up for a lottery to claim unclaimed lottery winnings by donating $25 to Joan’s re-election campaign

– How to get the free California Handbook on how to get top dollar for your valuables at your local pawn shop

– Free WORK AT HOME OFFER licking stamps for Joan’s fundraising mailers — Get 0.05% of proceeds!

– Help a Nigerian-Princess distribute illegal gains from government Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)

– Learn how to set up a non-profit to buy cars cheap and sell them to the Mexican Drug cartels using government loans!

– How to get your signed copy of “How to run a Ponzi Scheme and never get caught!” (signed by Bernie Madoff)


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  1. Common Tater says

    We don’t need no stinking spell-check programs.

    If you notice, the “Leave a Comment” application does spell-checking on the fly for you. Of course, one can choose to ignore it, but that would make one ignorant, wouldn’t it?

  2. Johnny says

    Reefer you are very synical and you are in love with Buchanan’s opponent Wilson so I unerstand your conservative bias.
    I recieved this email and I located $125.oo under my mothers name. I am going to file the paperwork.
    Whether you like her or not Buchanan was doing a public service.

    ~ EDITOR RECOMMENDS — Buy more Scratchers with the winnings and good luck with Buchanan in the Assembly.

  3. Max says

    Hah BGR – Nothing there for me … but an interesting article. It’s always fun to see what the pols are up to.