Hey Democrats – Be Careful

Democrats are riding high. They have vanquished Republicans to the remote regions of the country. Obama and Democrats be careful. The American people elected you to be moderately liberal, not super liberal. The economy is still tanking and we are moving towards double digit unemployment nationally (we are already there in California).

That means that the American people are getting ready to turn on you. You are heading into an election in 2010. I still cannot say with a straight face that Republicans are coming back, but if trends continue they could make gains.

What you need to do is to take a page from Bill Clinton’s play book and do a couple of things to steal fire from Republicans. First extend unemployment benefits beyond the current extension. Then have a payroll tax holiday. These two measures will put a lot of money into people hands now. Guarnteed they will not save it all.

The last time the Democratic Party had this much control over the government—Federal, State, and local—was from 1974 to 1979. To put it frankly, the economy is tanking and government deficts are exploding

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  1. rootvg says

    Republicans never went away in the south and most of the midwest. They’re very much alive.

    I suspect our political center of gravity will begin its shift back to the south this November. After that, we’ll REALLY see shit fly and then depending on what sort of tricks he pulls, maybe we can consider impeachment.

  2. Profile photo of Edi Birsan says

    If Republicans wanted to talk about true reform of health care and transportation etc. they would not be Republicans, they would be Democrats.

    • says

      Edi I’m not sure what you mean by that. For all we know, once the Senate Dems get done with triggers and such even Dems won’t be Dems either.

  3. Richard S. Colman says

    To the Editor:

    An stunning and unpredicted comeback is possible for Republicans.

    Republicans should be taking about jobs, taxes, and reform.

    To create jobs, Republicans should be advocating the elimination of the corporate income tax. They should call for the trimming, by 30% to 50%, of the personal income tax . They should also be talking about cutting government spending.

    To create jobs, tax cuts work for more quickly than so-called government stimulus packages. These packages take years to have any impact, assuming they have any impact at all.

    In Contra Costa County (California), a family of four — two adults with two children — cannot live decently on an income of $200,000 a year. Of that $200,000, $100,000 goes for taxes of all kinds (income tax, payroll tax, property tax, sales tax, etc.) Just imagine how that family would fare if it could keep $180,000 of that $200,000 in income.

    The Republicans should be talking about reform — reform of taxes, health care, transportation, and national defense.

    Republicans ought to be talking about economic growth and smaller, less intrusive government.

    Republicans ought to be creating an environment favorable to entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneurs takes risks and create jobs. Excellent examples are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

    If the Republicans follow the above suggestions, they should be able to pick up 15 to 20 seats in the House of Representative and two to three seats in the Senate.

    Richard S. Colman
    Orinda, CA
    July 12, 2009