And the California Redistricting winner is…George Miller!

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George miller, california redistricting, congressional redistrictingCheck out the brand new DRAFT redistricting maps from the California Redistricting Commission. Big winner in Contra Costa County is George Miller’s district (see 2001 CA-07 map nearby) returns from the hinterlands that stretched from Richmond to Benecia to Vacaville, to absorb most of Contra Costa like the Borg. Interestingly, parts of East County have been shunted into a new Foothill district that stretches down to Fresno.

As described in an earlier post, Jerry McNerney‘s CA-11 got married to Pete Stark’s. Wonder what those kids will look like? Not a chance. McNerney, a resident of Pleasanton, either has to run against Pete Stark, or carpet bag or move to and run in the newly jiggered San Joaquin district.

Behind the scenes, John Garamendi—who was raked by Stephen Colbert on Wednesday, who characterized the word Garamendi as a Microsoft font name reject!—will be the favorite in the newly engineered Solano County District, to unseat another gerrymandered Democrat Thompson (CA-01).

The Senate DIstrict currently held by Mark DeSaulnier is relatively untouched and looks alot like Miller’s new Congressional District. George will probably retire before the district gets changed again in 2021. So what a stepping stone for DeSaulnier if he can overcome the collateral damage from his 2010 CA-10 challenge to Garamendi.

In every case, Democrat interests have been clearly taken care of, while statewide, the GOP will lose 3-4 seats in the California Congressional Caucus.

Click on the nearby map to go to the We Draw The Line maps released today by the California Redistricting Commission.

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  1. Profile photo of Edi Birsan says

    The lines return Concord to all of George Miller’s district which is better than being subdivided and he has an office here at least.
    Of course now John Garamendi will have to move his office out of Walnut Creek.

    The interesting thing is the Stark-McNerney overlap and I wonder how that will work out.

    Meanwhile in the Assembly it is sort of hard to see what is going on with the lines there around
    Lafayette and Orinda, I wonder if anyone has a better blow up of the lines.

    That the Democrats come out ahead is no surprise, considering the lead they have in the registration in the state you would expect that they would have the lead.