Collectivism in Full Roll this Weekend as Individual Rights Continue to Suffer

free copy of anthem by ayn rand, collectivsm, california, individual rightsThis weekend, people from all over the country will flock to San  Francisco for its “Gay Pride” festivities. These libertine fests, which could easily be mistaken for Democrat special interest fairs, complete with left wing politicians, petitions for increased education spending, abortion advocates, and immigration “reformers,” have come to show crude displays of pro-democrat group think and collectivism, among other things.  This is particularly ironic considering the sad history behind these events, going back to the Stonewall Riots.

In June 1969, 4 undercover police entered the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York, and after gathering “criminal evidence” called in additional police and conducted a police raid of the bar, typical of those times.  Those who dressed as the opposite gender, or who refused to show their identification, were arrested. While those arrested were taken to the wagons, large crowds began gathering outside, and some scuffles broke out, witnesses recalling police brutality against some of the detainees. When the police tried to restrain some of the crowd, the entire area erupted spontaneously into riot.

celebrate individualism over collectivism with a free copy of Anthem, the anti-collectivist novella by Ayn Rand

For those who support individual rights, this seems like a clear violation of those rights, from property rights, to 4th amendment (warrant) issues, and abuse of power from those entrusted with the law.  Since these events, what has the left, parading the GLBT community as an excuse, given us? Orwellian Hate Crimes Legislation, anti-property rights based employment nondiscrimination acts, and a debate about government institutionalized marriage, which is, at best, a conflict of liberties for taxpayers who would be subsidizing it. (And for the record, I opposed Prop 8.) Furthermore, they have created a negative environment by simply shutting down all opposition to their agenda declaring it as “hatred.

Know that this agenda is not a “Gay Agenda” but simply part of the Democrat’s agenda that uses GLBT Americans as the wedge. The agenda includes other violations of individual rights that particularly harm gay individuals, from restricting the ability of GLBT americans to arm themselves against bashers, to central planning ideas described by some in the GLBT community as being anti-privacy.  Additionally, those in the GLBT community who oppose the Democrats’ agenda are smeared, being compared to “black KKK members.”  The collectivist mentality was rampant at the Denver Pride fest where the left-wing group New Era Colorado and their “vote-bots” arrived to register (presumably Democratic) voters. How fitting!

Don’t be a vote bot, join me and other individual rights supporters at Liberty on the Rocks at E.J. Phair in Concord next Monday, where we will celebrate individualism over collectivism with a free copy of Anthem, the anti-collectivist novella by Ayn Rand, given to the first 10 INDIVIDUALS to show up. We especially invite those in the GLBT community who desire free markets and individual rights to skip the festivities in SF and join like minded liberty lovers for drinks.

(Disclaimer: The opinions are solely those of the author and not of Liberty on the Rocks, which does not take a stance on gay marriage or other contentious social issues.)

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  1. Wendy Lack says

    The U.S. economy is a terrible thing to wreck. Leave it to the statists to keep at it because their moral code holds that “equality of outcome” trumps individual freedom and self-determination.

    And now we learn that our collectivist President’s own Council of Economic Advisors concedes that freewheeling “stimulus” spending harmed the U.S. economy:

    Cheers, liberty-lovers everywhere . . . Happy Independence Day to all!

  2. Greg Duncan says

    Some of these same people can be seen wearing the ever popular “Che” t-shirts, putting their ignorance on display for all to see, as Che was militantly anti-gay. Unfortunately many in the GLBT have thrown in with the very collectivists who consider them “useful idiots”, and will send them to the very re-education camps designated for patriots, capitalists, gun owners, and SUV drivers.

  3. Hilary Gavenda says

    One big “HIP HIP HOO RAY” to you for writing this…It is what I have a hard time understanding…you must be careful of who align with. In the end the very same people that you thought were your friends may end up being the ones that “come for you in the night”…