Columbus Day Revisited

This year Columbus Day is observed on Monday, October 8th. While enjoying your celebratory Columbus Day Italian pasta and Chianti, why not ponder a bit of history?  Here’s a salute to Norwegian  Leif (pronounced “lafe”) Erikson, the original discoverer of North America:

In Celebration of Leif Erikson’s Discovery of North America

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

But nearly 500 years before, Leif Erikson came to North America’s shore.

He soon sailed home and gave up his claim,

So Columbus received all the wealth and the fame.

Columbus got the movies and the specials on TV,

But he also brought back tobacco and VD.

And Leif Erikson . . . didn’t.

~By Kristine Stephenson Hunt


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  1. Tom Hilton says

    Actually the concept that America was ‘discovered’ precludes the concept that the native Americans discovered that there were barbaric conquerors with advanced weapons and diseases that were targeting them.

    There was plenty of VD in Europe well before contact with native Americans.