Concord’s new tax bad for business and poor

In a brutal attack on working families, senior citizens, consumers, and businesses, the City of Concord is considering raising a local sales tax. The City Council is considering a plan to ” . . . raise the sales tax in the city to 9.75 percent (Contra Costa Times, July 23). The current tax rate is 9.25 percent.

The higher sales tax will affect shoppers in stores like Costco, Home Depot, and Sam’s Club.

Market Street’s auto row could be particularly hard hit. A vehicle that cost $40,000 in March 2009, had a sales tax of $3,300. (In March 2009, the local sales tax rate was 8.25 percent.) If the new sales tax goes to 9.75 percent, then the $40,000 vehicle will carry a sales tax of $3,900.

What should car buyers have to pay $600 more — 18 percent more in sales tax — for a $40,000 vehicle?

If business in Concord slumps, jobs will be lost. Consumers unhappy with Concord’s sales tax could shop elsewhere.

Unemployment rates in California are massive. Thus, Concord should be cutting taxes and sharply reducing its bloated municipal bureaucracy.

Concord residents must resist giving more money to its mismanaged city government.

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  1. Tyler Durden says

    Concord once again proves what a third-world banana republic it has become, where the guys with the guns rule the town.

    The little guys at SEIU and Local One suffer the worst when the big-wigs at the top and the POA get favored status with meaningless concessions as long as they keep on top.

  2. RabidManholeCover says

    What do you expect from frumpiness personified?

    Get some guys on that Council!

  3. Feckin Irish Mouse says

    Amazing that this is the same bunch of idiots who didn’t want a WalMart or In N Out Burger….Boy the sales tax they could have generated. And Jeezus H Krist what does Helen Allen care as she doesn’t even live in Concord….Disable her turbo broom so she is stuck in Roseville!!!!!

  4. DisabledConcord says

    SO I guess Concord doesn’t care about disabled persons on low-income,seniors that aren’t wealthy off of retirement income…only the rich and prosperous matter to the city…NICE GOING Concord. Just bleed us dry,sheesh.

  5. Kevin says

    As PJ O’Roarke famously said: “Giving money to polititians is like giving teenagers booze and car keys.”

  6. ConcordMike says

    Since the recession began, state and federal governments have actually INCREASED their payrolls. The State of California has siphoned off money that rightfully belongs to Concord.

    Concord staff is already down 25%, and staff has already agreed to significant wage and benefit concessions . Without this temporary sales tax increase, the city staff will go down at least another 20% over the next 5 years. That is the situation. Core city services are in jeopardy.

    I value Concord services like police, code enforcement, street repair, parks, and landscaping.

    I will vote YES for this tax to support Concord. I do not want to see our city fall into further disrepair.

    I also want to see further reductions in city wages and pension benefits, particularly at the leadership level and anyone earning more than 100K per year.

    • says

      @ConcordMike — You could cut more than 20% of over paid staff and be fine. Resist the scare tactics, and rethink what core services ought to really be.

      The truth is the City Council does not have the courage to stand up to Local One, the Concord Police Officers’ Association, and the Garbage company –the three biggest donors to councilmember campaigns. We don’t need the over head. Paying the average policeman $200,000+ per yr. is NOT a core city service.

  7. Richard S. Colman says

    The sales tax on a car depends on where the car is principally garaged. If the buyer garages the car in Concord, the buyer pays the prevailing Concord sales tax. If the buyer lives in Danville , he pays the Danville sales tax. Sales tax is paid to government — state, local, or both. With a big televsision system (one that may cost $10,000 or more), the buyer has more freedom becasue the television system is not registered with the government. Since April 1, 2009, government has been taking too much sales tax. On May 19, 2009, California’s voters soundly rejected, in a state-wide ballot, all tax measures on the ballot.

    Richard S. Colman
    Biomed Inc.
    Concord. CA
    July 27, 2010

  8. Guy Bjerke says

    @Joe Anonymous – The sales tax for any auto purchase is based on where the buyer registers the car (home) not where it is purchased. Just an FYI.

  9. Joe Anonymous says

    Or more realistically, who can afford a 40 grand car in this economy!
    In a few months, I will be buying a 20k commuter car and will be buying it from whoever will give me the best deal, and if I can save a couple hundred in sales tax from buying in WC (or even Roseville!) so be it.

  10. says

    “We interrupt this program for a comparison correction: The current sales tax is 9.25
    so going to 9.75 on a 40,000 dollar car means that the increase is $200 NOT $600.
    Going back to early 2009 makes it look like the whole $600 is the fault of the city while $400 is from the State. So let’s not use some smoke and mirrors here.
    (I now return you to your regularly scheduled screed).”

  11. Wendy Lack says

    To this column I say: Amen!

    The issue isn’t complicated:

    – The City pretends that a sales tax increase advances the interests of the community and is the only choice to solve City Hall’s budget shortfall – both of which are false statements.

    – To solve its budget woes, the City of Concord must shrink by reducing overhead costs (including employee pension expenses) and eliminating non-essential programs.

    – Increasing the sales tax rate is contrary to the interests of Concord businesses and residents and serves only to maintain City spending priorities per the status quo.

    – Today’s shoppers vote with their feet AND with their computer mouses (internet purchases). An increased Concord sale tax rate will benefit businesses in areas adjacent to Concord – to the detriment of those in Concord.