Contra Costa Times endorses Robert Campbell for County Auditor-Controller

The Auditor-Controller office in Contra Costa County is an important position as it oversees taxpayer dollars including the County budget, cash flow, financial management, reporting, and projections. But the Auditor-Controller is one of those hidden sort of offices that no one really knows or cares about until something goes wrong. Fortunately a lot has gone right with Robert Campbell at the helm for the past four years.

Robert Campbell Auditor Controller Contra Costa CountyDuring his term Campbell has raised the County credit rating from AA to AAA, the highest bond rating given to government agencies. He has submitted balanced County budgets including strong reserves for emergencies. Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston says that with “strong financial management” Robert Campbell “has kept law enforcement officers out on the streets protecting residents.

As the Contra Costa Times points out below, Campbell’s opponent, Ayore Riaunda, wants to shake things up to ostensibly fix what ain’t broken. Riaunda must be an engineer, not an accountant.

We have heard the claim on the street that Auditor-Controller is a “Martinez seat”—that should be friendly to the shenanigans of the county employee retirement system (CCCERA). Those that are happy to spend other peoples’ money think Auditor-Controller should be in the hands of the County political machine more concerned with taking care of itself and friends than taxpayers. Talk about the fox in the hen house!

Such claims are baloney. Seats don’t belong to parties or interests, especially at the County level, where financial management chops is far more important than petty, grasping tit for tat.

Good job, Bob. Sir, may we have some more, please?


When an incumbent is doing a good job, election challengers will sometimes try to create controversies. That seems to be the case in the race for Contra Costa County Auditor-Controller.

Bob Campbell has, by our observation and from accounts of those who depend on him for information, done an excellent job leading the office since he was elected in 2010.

But Ayore Riaunda, an accountant in the county’s health department, seems to feel that there’s great need for a shake-up, and that he’s the person to take over. However, he fails to present evidence to support that position.

Riaunda grasps at straws, alleging that Campbell is unresponsive to information requests. Nothing could be further from the truth. Campbell goes out of his way to be accessible and helpful.

Campbell worked in the office for 23 years before he was first elected four years ago to the top post. He was well-trained for the job, understands the complex issues that face the auditor-controller, and has consistently proven he deserves the post. Voters should re-elect him.

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