County GOP elects new chair during contentious meeting

At its March 18th meeting the Contra Costa Republican Party (CCRP) central committee elected Becky Kolberg as its new chairman to replace former Chairman Greg Poulos who resigned in January. With an 18-6 vote margin over Alamo’s Joe Rubay, Kolberg’s election ensures the CCRP’s status quo and represents continuity with its past policies and practices (amply chronicled in these pages).

While Rubay enjoys broad support among area Republicans and was expected to bring a fresh perspective and new direction to the party, Kolberg’s election indicates that the county’s GOP organization remains firmly in the grip of the cozy cabal that has controlled it for years.

This June Contra Costa Republicans will elect central committee members for the 2011-2012 two-year term that commences in January 2011, when a new CCRP leadership team will be elected by the newly-elected committee.

In January area Republicans may wish tune back in. Until then, the only thing on is Romper Room re-runs. Move along, now.

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  1. Tom Watcher says

    Del Beccaro’s groupies didn’t wait long to start the attacks did they? It’s ironic that Del Beccaro runs a First Amendment rights group. So he’s for the First Amendment unless you’re asking questions about something he doesn’t like.

    So instead of calling his group First Amendment Now, he should rename it First Amendment Now and Then.

    Or maybe the First Amendment just doesn’t apply to Del Beccaro or his followers. Somebody get a copy of the First Amendment and check if there’s some fine print only Del Beccaro knows about.

  2. Ken Hambrick says

    The cabal that controls and has ruined the CCRP has always played fast and loose with the bylaws. They only follow those rules that fit their desires and ignore those that limit their actions and powers.

    Why bother to have bylaws when you don’t follow them? They are now ganging up on one committee member who has had the gall to ask penetrating questions, especially about the finances which the cabal continues to treat in secrecy (opposed to what the bylaws say). They are trying to kick him out with trumped up charges. The bylaws don’t permit them to do this, but that won’t stop them

    The CCRP is really completely irrelevant in the political scheme of things. As such, the Republican Party will continue to crash and burn in this county.

    They make one ashamed to be a Republican.

  3. Tom Watcher says

    What’s sad is that once again this group of Del Beccaro worshipers played fast and loose with their bylaws. Chicago politics has nothing on these folks. They’ll soon be after anybody who’s not one of their kind. The six who voted for Joe Rubay better watch their backs.