Excessive taxation in Concord

The excessive, new taxes that Concord will soon experience may not be needed. In November 2010, Concord’s voters approved Measure Q, an increase in the local sales tax that the City of Concord pushed for passage. The tax, applicable only in Concord, will go from 9.25 percent to 9.75 percent on April 1.

On March 7, Contra Costa County Supervisor Mary Peipho reported that the county’s revenue from taxation is increasing. In a press release, Peipho said, “Overall, sales and use tax revenues for all of Contra Costa increased 0.2 percent from the same quarter in 2009.” Specifically, Piepho is comparing the third quarters (July to September) of 2009 and 2010.

Since the end of 2010, unemployment has been dropping and the stock market has been going up.

If extra money is coming into Contra Costa County, then Concord’s coming sales-tax increase may be unnecessary. The higher sales tax may jeopardize the economic health of such Concord businesses as Home Depot, Costco, and Sam’s Club.

If business slumps in Concord, jobs will be lost. With unemployment at Depression-eras levels, this is no time to kill jobs.

Concord’s voters should consider repealing the increase in the sales tax.

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  1. Scott says

    I am a 35 year resident of Concord and find it hard to believe the residents of this city bought into taxing themselves even further. I, for one, will be buying my big ticket items elsewhere and I will do my best to see that others do as well. The unbridled government spending must stop beginning right here at the local level. I am worried about what these voters will give to Governor Moonbeam.

    • Wendy Lack says

      @ Scott:

      But aren’t you stuck paying the higher sales tax on “big ticket” items like autos, since you continue to reside in Concord?

      ~ EDITOR NOTES — There is no escape. Sales tax for autos is paid according to address of registration of vehicle, not location of purchase

    • Scott says

      True enough, Wendy, unless of course you can use another address. But there are many other opportunities to avoid that tax, particularly when paying cash, not credit or debit, and avoiding supporting the banks as well–two birds with one stone.

  2. Joe Anonymous says

    No time for “buyer’s remorse”… Concord has manager retirement bonuses to pay and projects to fund! Must … keep … pushing … forward! Or in the words of the infamous Helen Allen: NOW is not the time to pinch pennies! [end sarcasm]
    Would we see the council cancel the new tax? Hell no, they have a new revenue stream and getting them to concede (if indeed the fiscal situation does lighten) is like taking a pacifier from a newborn.
    From listening to the procedure, the earliest they could cancel the tax with the state would be 2013. They got us coming and going.
    So say things bounce back quicker, what will Concord do with all this extra money? And will they seek an extension in 2015?

    • says

      Concord just voted to take all the assets from the Redevelopment Agency back and is planning to sell off $6 million in parcels of land. If I remember correctly, Measure Q was supposed to stop-gap a $5M budget shortfall.