Express your views on new taxes at DeSaulnier Town Hall, Feb 23

Yesterday (Sunday February 19), I paid $4.60 a gallon for gasoline. During a time of high fuel prices, California taxpayers ought to tell State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) that the California state budget ought to be balanced without any tax increases. Gov. Jerry Brown wants to raise the state sales tax by one-half percentage point. California already has the highest state sales tax in the nation. A higher sales tax would be a job killer. DeSalunier will be holding a town hall meeting on Thursday, February 23, 2012, from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. The meeting will occur at the Manzanita Room, Lafayette Community Center, 500 St. Mary’s Road, Lafayette, California 94549. (Please meeting info below.)

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  1. Bruce R, Peterson, Lafayette says

    The people @ the February 23rd meeting were so dour looking, I picked up business cards from 2 young smiling female aides & left. I met Mark @ the urinal. I went to Orinda on March 3rd to give Mark another chance. He got lost on the way, & called for directions.. Duh! The dour aide ( district director) Lupe Schoenberger said I could have Mark come to my home. Then sent me Inside a small room, when I said I liked that idea.
    Mark’s Sikh Mafia aide, Satinder S. Malhi, interviewed me. He was an annoying man. Then when Mark came in, the annoying Sikh edited my comments to Mark. When I talked about the corrupt Lafayette & CC County governments & the corrupt news organizations. they rushed me out. Obviously I was talking about his corrupt life long friends. All he can think about, is taxing us more.

    • says

      I once met Allen Ginsberg at a urinal in Albuquerque; so does that mean what a pederast does to children is comparable to what politicians do to California?

  2. Voter3329 says

    Telling Mark Desaulnier about keeping taxes down is like talking to a brick wall. He is responsible for the giveaway of our existing tax dollars.
    His retire at 50 for public employees plan has dug us a hole we will probably never climb out of. NO MORE NEW TAXES PERIOD. If Mark had any sense he would focus his time on reducing waste not looking for more of our money.

  3. Bruce R, Peterson, Lafayette says

    I have my reservation, It’s less than a mile from home & it’s free. If it becomes hostile or boring or the questions will be edited by some liberal, I’m off to see the Campolindo orchestra.