Flood the Contra Costa County Climate Action Plan Online Form

Attended by only “a baker’s dozen“, the July 12 Contra Costa Action Plan Public input meeting held in Richmond was a joke.

It has become clear these public meetings accomplish nothing but window dressing that provide a soapbox for climate alarmists, pols pushing radical agendas, and aloof planners who condescend to citizens with specious dot surveys that never address critical questions about costs, property rights, nor ever present a comprehensive, understandable plan on which County citizens can vote.

For sure, let’s not stop going to meetings to learn and speak up with good questions and insights. But by all means, it’s time for every concerned citizen to fill out the County’s Climate Action Plan’s Online Form…10 times a day.

Bogus Dot Survey at July 12 Contra Costa Climate Action Plan, courtesy of Richmond Confidential

Sure the County will massage the numbers, but the meetings too are a sham.

Instead of citizen input the public meetings have become a self-fulfilling prophecy with misleading questions designed to make it appear citizens are OK with intrusive government and bureaucratic metastasis growth of job killing regulation, transportation restrictions, and what will become housing projects for the middle class.

According to Save El Sobrante:

The Richmond meeting is one of a round of ‘open house’ meetings put on by Contra Costa County to supposedly gather public input for the proposed Climate Action Plan for Contra Costa County unincorporated areas. The Climate Action Plan is NOT mandatory, but Dist. 1 Supervisor John Gioia thinks its a good way for the County he represents to ‘lead the way’ on climate change issues.
Only a few people showed up, mostly from non-profit groups and a small number of activists against any mandates based on global warming.

Patrick Roche from the County Community Development Dept. is the lead planner on this project. Before the meeting started, Heather Gass was trying to show Mr. Roche a map of the Wildlands Project for California and as she was asking him a question during her videotaped interview, Supervisor Gioia interrupted and asked her to stop so he could stop the meeting.

Instead of offering a concrete program easily comprehended by the public which they could vote on, the County hired a consulting firm to write the Climate Action Plan for Contra Costa unincorporated areas at the estimated cost of $75,000. A woman from this group is briefly interviewed on this video.

County Climate Action Plan Open House, July 12, 2012 at Richmond City Council Chambers from Save El Sobrante on Vimeo.

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