Garamendi blows off debates with CA-10 GOP challenger

CA-10 Congressman Garamendi, Garamendi blows off debates garamendi cancels debate with gary clift,
Talk about disssrespect of the GOP challenger and voters in his district! After only 10 months in office, Democrat John Garamendi of California’s 10th Congressional District, has canceled three scheduled debates with GOP challenger Gary Clift. Such is life in Contra Costa where politicians believe themselves entitled to seats. I want to hear King Garamendi say it: “Hey the race is in the bag, why should I bother.”

Ten month old Freshman Congressman John Garamendi cancelled three debates in the 10th congressional debate with candidate, Gary Clift, to ignore Congresses near $1 trillion spending record.

“Congressman Garamendi has the time to hold a huge Basque Barbecue event on September 25th while ignoring debates with me,” said Clift.

Congressman John Garamendi helped Congress spend almost $1 trillion in his first ten months in Congress. Garamendi has a record of spending money since he began his career in the California Assembly. Garamendi ignores constituents when he cancels debates. The 10th congressional district includes the cities of Dixon , Walnut Creek , Moraga , Walnut Grove, Antioch , Oakley, Livermore , and parts of Fairfield and Vacaville .

Clift said,” Garamendi’s massive spending have failed to grow the economy at a time when California faces the highest unemployment since the Depression. ” Garamendi voted against legislation that would have audited the spending and reported the findings to the public.

Clift is running on a platform supporting smarter government and the reduction of the federal spending that is crippling the economy. He also believes that Congress should return to the basics; balancing the budget, protecting the States, maintaining the highways and reporting the expenditures of public monies to the taxpayer. Congresses activities that are not specifically designated in the U.S. Constitution should be handled by the individual states.

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  1. says

    Typical elitist behavior from Mr. Gerrymander …umm…I mean Garamendi. Unfortunately he will most likely win the seat again. Fortunately he will be relegated to minority status when the House changes hands!

  2. rootvg says

    I’ve met Gary and I like him but he doesn’t have a prayer. This isn’t the suburbs of Dallas and it isn’t going to be.

    If the Democrats lose a hundred seats in the House (supposedly possible), people in the Bay Area will completely freak. Some of those will want secession and given the political leanings and trending I see after living here for awhile, quite frankly I think it makes sense.