Grand Jury calls for dissolution of Mt Diablo Health Care District…for the fourth time!

If three times isn’t the lucky charm, then maybe four times will be a winner for taxpayers of Contra Costa County as the Grand Jury once again called for dissolution of the Mt Diablo Health Care DIstrict. According to the report, “This is a District whose original mission has been completed, and one that only sporadically provides services to the community. Under California statute, only the voters in the District can dissolve it. The Grand Jury concludes the District needs to initiate the dissolution process since its mission as a health care district is not being fulfilled.

Our considered recommendation is for MDHCD to dissolve after it consigns its duties and funds to the City of Concord which should administrate the receipts through its Community Services Commission (CSC). The CSC, a volunteer citizen advisory body that advises City Council on allocation of CDBG and CSBG grant monies could easily expand its role to include community health programs.

In fact, the CSC has historically funded many eligible organizations throughout the District including grants for Senior Programs including Meals on Wheels and the CC Ole Senior lunch and nutrition programs at the Concord Senior Center.


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  1. Wendy Lack says

    New term for the government glossary: “Paper District.”

    California isn’t the only state littered with superfluous government agencies. Illinois suffers from the same affiliction:

    This Chicago Trib report suggests that growing public awareness of these boondoggles is beginning to cause de-funding of unnecessary government agencies — a win-win for both government and taxpayers.

    Contra Costa LAFCO, are you listening? It’s time to go after Contra Costa’s low-hanging fruit.

  2. says

    The difference after this 4th report is that CoCoTAX is going to keep on this issue. Previously, nobody pushed the dissolution with LAFCO and it was easier for them to give the district another chance to reform. They haven’t, they won’t, there is not enough money coming in to justify the administrative cost. It is clear that the MDHCD board is not going to vote for dissolution so it has to come from LAFCO.

    CoCoTAX will be at the next LAFCO meeting to champion the dissolution. It is time!

  3. Wendy Lack says

    The Community Health Fund — which provides the most significant financial benefit to district residents per the John Muir Health community benefit agreement — doesn’t require the huge overhead expenses associated with a special district. There’s gotta be a way to dissolve the MDHCD and, at the same time, ensure public participation in the Community Health Fund (which, by the way, seems to be doing a pretty darned good job now without much participation from the District):

  4. Wendy Lack says

    Regardless of the specific dissolution approach, there is growing consensus countywide — among both elected officials and the general public — that swift and decisive action must be taken to dissolve unnecessary government entities. Streamlined, cost-efficient business practices should become the new norm in government.

    Nowadays scarce tax dollars are too precious to waste on unnecessary government structures such as this defunct special district.

    Accordingly, the District board should properly focus 100% of its energies on determining the best approach to District dissolution, then developing and implementing a plan to do so.

  5. says

    Actually considering the district it might make more sense to cosign the assignment of board members to a split between PH and Concord or have it arranged by the Concord CSC but with a requirement for some appointments to come from outside Concord in fairness to the structure of the district.