Identity thieves, oops, signature gatherers safe for now

signature gathering, identity theft, california, ab 168, governor jerry brown vetoes 168California Governor Jerry Brown, vetoed legislation that would prohibit ballot petition signature gatherers to be paid per-signature. Bill 168 would have criminalized the poor schlubs that stand on street corners in rain and shine gathering signatures to get issues on state and local ballots. Brown said, that going after signature gatherers would raise the cost of petitions and give an edge to wealthier interests. But there is still the spector of wealthy interests trying to scare the bejesus out of citizens who might agree to sign a petition.

Astroturf website Californians Against Identity Theft, claims the signature gathering industry is just a nefarious cover to rob your financial identity, what’s left of it, blind. The burning Satan eyes in the image the site uses is hilarious, reminding us of the famous Devil Sheep hit piece Cary Fiorina wailed on tom Campbell in the 2010 GOP U.S. Senate Primary.

Still, there are them that don’t wish to see certain petitions get any support, so there is a movement afoot both online and in the State Legislature to make it tougher to qualify ballot measures.

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  1. says

    Political parties in California are still pretty much dominated by the two big parties – Democrats and Republicans. We are starting to see inroads made by other parties such as The Green Party and Libertarian Party. However we are still a ways off from a multi party system here in the state.

    • says

      I’m not so sure any of the parties deserve state support. Parties should pay for their own primaries and not use tax dollars. If the goal is to make every vote count, the best first step is to implement Instant runoff voting in single member districts. Step two would be to allow counties and cities to use single transferable vote (STV) in board and council elections in multi-member districts.

  2. says

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  3. Tom Hilton says

    What we need is to have a break from the initiatives. They have been just one more excuse for the Sac boys and girls to avoid doing their job.

  4. says

    I think we need more diversity when it comes to the type of political parties we have running the government here in California.  Someone needs to start a new California political party that can represent the people instead of special interests.  Only hope I live to see that day!!!