Kumar touts Democrat endorsements in Concord City Council race

The Concord City Council campaign by (my next door neighbor) Harmesh Kumar is gathering steam as endorsements from Democrat leaders adds recognition to his steady campaign. Kumnar stresses quality of life issues in comparison to expensive attempts to reduce critical issues Concord faces to simply “public safety,” code words this year for Concord Police union backing for incumbent Dan Helix, and newcomer and Tim McGallian.

A new mailer from Kumar now touts endorsements from the Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee, State Senator Mark DeSaulnier, Congressman John Garamendi, Assemblymembers Fiona Ma (AD-12 and Speaker Pro Tempore of the Assembly), and Jerry Hill (AD-19).

Kumar currently serves on the Measure Q Oversite Committee required by the passage of Concord’s sales tax increase in 2010, and was a Chairperson and an appointed member of the the City’s former Human Relations Commission. Harmesh who is a leading brain trauma specialists is a small business owner treating and providing rehab services to clients, and has created 20 full time jobs and 30+ “yearly training jobs” in Concord. He also provided leadership for the Annual Spring Festival held at Todos Santos Plaza.

His campaign slogan, “Vote for a Better Life”, expresses Kumar’s core humanistic beliefs that crime prevention through services and economic opportunities will be more effective than “reactive intervention” by, primarily, law enforcement. Kumar often points to the 62% of the City Budget that goes to the Police Department, and wonders if some of that money can be better spent on innovative programs if Concord would spend community needs instead of bowing to special interests.

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  1. rich eber says

    As a supporter of Dr. Kumar, I am not thrilled about his endorsements from elected Democratic leaders in that
    The City Council is a non partizan race that should be free of
    (democratic-republican) tags that have lead to the current political gridlock we face in Sacramento and Washington D.c.

    Correspondingly, I deplore the the pamflets being sent out by
    public employee unions, police and fire fighters groups endorsing
    Dan Helix and Tim McGallian for City Council. To make things worse these establishment candidates are bragging about endorsements from past and present City Council members.

    All this tells me is that the Concord City Council is basicly bought and paid for by special interests and is currently unable to make
    unbiased decisons about the critical issues we face in the near future.

    I just wish those running for City Council would concentrate on issues and not resorting to make the election a polularity contest.

  2. Concord Mike says

    I have listened to Dr. Kumar while he was serving on the Human Relations Commission in Concord. Nice guy, but he comes across as a bigger-government-solves-all-problems liberal.

    No thanks. What Concord needs is a tough approach for all the scofflaws, criminals, and vagrants that degrade the overall quality of life.