Indiana RFRA fact and fiction

Indiana RFPA

Indiana’s RFRA was little different than the federal RFRA, which was adopted nearly unanimously by Congress just over twenty years ago and signed with a flourish by President Bill Clinton.

Dutch Supreme Court rules Ecuador must pay Chevron $106 Million

dutch supreme court

  On Friday, September 26, the Dutch Supreme Court upheld a decision against the Republic of Ecuador that requires the country to pay US$106 million to the oil company Chevron. The ruling upholds the results of an arbitration proceeding in the Hague originating from Ecuador’s alleged breach of an oil extraction and exploitation concession agreement […]

NFL image takes hit from player off field violence

The NFL gets its game face on following Ray Rice video

When we look at from where moral authority emanates in our society today we see a decline from traditional sources such as the President of the United States, clergy, or those who have devoted their lives to helping the disadvantaged. Strangely enough this void has been filled of late largely by professional sports franchises who have encouraged […]

Richmond extortion of Chevron creates slush funds for more West County dysfunction


Representing a Countywide group I attended the City of Richmond City Council meetings on July 22 and July 29, regarding the approval of the Chevron Richmond Refinery Modernization project. The meeting reminded me of an old joke whose punchline is “we’ve already agreed you are a whore, we are just negotiating the price.” Ultimately, approval […]

AB 155 threatens local control of public works projects in California

AB 155 threatens local control of construction projects

The election year promise is very pervasive. Have you ever heard of a politician say he or she is opposed to “local control?” Neither have I. However, a bill currently making its way through the State Legislature, AB 155, would do just that, setting a dangerous precedent that would paralyze local governments and politicize public works […]