Livingston for Sheriff Steak & Pasta fundraiser, May 1

Enjoy at least three of the basic food groups at Chief David Livingston’s Steak & Pasta Fundraiser, March 20, MAY 1 beginning at 6:00 p.m., at the Elk’s Lodge, 200 Marina Blvd, in Pittsburg, CA.

Tickets begin at $40. RSVP to, or leave a message at 925-265-4422. Leave name and number of persons, and specify “Steak & Pasta Dinner.” Make checks to Committee to Elect David Livingston Sheriff 2010, P.O.Box 1088, Danville, CA 94526.

The event is hosted by Sheriff Warren Rupf, D.A. Robert Kochly, Contra Costa County Chiefs of Police, the Police Officers Associations of Concord, Pleasant Hil, richmond, Jim Kellogg, Joe Garaventa, Jack Roddy, Albert Seeno III, and Firefighters Local 1230.

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  1. Kyle Salinger says

    How shameful for these two prior posters to malign a man who has served his community for over 20 years. I doubt they even know him. I have met him several times. For those that know Livingston, he is an honorable man who has helped right the Concord PD ship. He in inherited a group of malcontents and has the support of the vast majority of the great CPD employees. He has a ton of education behind him, just about every police chief in the county supporting him, (except for the retired guy in Antioch where his opponent serves on the city board) and will be a great addition to the Sheriff Department. He works quietly behind the scenes and believe me, he takes all the political BS in stride. Get to know this guy, he will be our next sheriff.

  2. tiger paulk says

    I am sorry to see that what I now believe to be a corrupt individual, or a individual that will be corrupt in the future has a
    very real chance of being elected sheriff. For no one remains ethical when Albert Seeno is on their side. Look at his recent
    and continuing criminal activites that have brought the FBI, IRS,
    and Secret Service down upon his head. If he thinks having a local sheriff in his back pocket will make us all forget the big picture he is sadly mistaken. Just look at this site which even posts his contract with a convicted murderer that as a casino owner he himself knows is an illegal action. http://www.http//

  3. Poady says

    How interesting the the alignment of Garaventa, Seeno, Concord and PH POA. So what is wrong with this picture?