Local cop advocates provoking and shooting legal Open Carry gunowners to get 2-weeks paid leave

Kevin Thomason has posted details of a shocking exchange that an East Palo Alto police officer, Detective Roderick Tuason, posted on his Facebook page concerning how to handle citizens legally and openly carrying firearms. In the exchange Tuason suggested that police should provoke gunowners who legally Open Carry, so they can “pop them” and get two weeks paid administrative leave.

In speaking with advocates of Open Carry in the Bay Area, the exchange has caused an outcry from the community. Whispers indicate that, ahead of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for internal policies and procedures, Police Officers on a number of local forces may be attempting to shield ANY discussions or written internal memos concerning policies and attitudes on how to police citizens exercising their legal right to openly carry unloaded firearms.

Additionally, knowledgeable sources indicate that some law enforcement agencies are actually putting citizens on internal WATCH LISTS just for contacting police departments to check-in to advise Open Carry, or simply to inquire about rules and regulations that they want to comply with!

See some of the exchange that took place on Facebook, then removed by the pinhead cop, Tuason.

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  1. Tim Thompson says

    If I were a cop and came upon an open carry idiot with a pistol on his belt and he touched it he would be dead. If the idiot was carrying a rifle he’d be dead. Nuff said!

  2. Idiot Cops says

    This is the type of cop that needs to get fired. Idiot cops like this have no place in society. The two weeks should be unpaid leave as not to promote this low life behavior by our law enforcement.

  3. says

    @jJohn VanLandingham
    “Irresponsible people drink and drive despite laws banning it.”

    And yes – irresponsible people carry illegal, loaded weapons as well. This isn’t about all the irresponsible people, it is about people trying to comply with the laws.

    And must be nice to mess up and get two weeks paid vacation! How exactly is that punishment? “You don’t get to work the next two weeks! – but we will still pay you as if you were.”
    Can I get punished like that?

  4. jJohn VanLandingham says

    This practice scares me. I understand thirdhand that it is acceptable in Texas and that doctors’ offices and even churches have signs asking people to park their weapons.

    But here’s what bothers me. Irresponsible people drink and drive despite laws banning it. Some people, myself included at times alas, lose their temper and sound off. What’s to keep them from reaching for their gun and reinforcing their argument with a bullet?

    I appreciate the aprehension that guns make you safer. But I believe, and I’m willing to admit I could be wrong, recent reports show a decline in violent crimes in California. If so, where’s the need? Yes, we always will have thugs. But can you reach your gun fast enough, aim it and fire it successfully in defense? I doubt it, not without firearms training.

    A late colleague of mine was a real weapons advocate, so much that he carried a Bowie knife strapped to his thigh into the state library and I had to intercede between him and two CHPs who were telling him to get rid of it. But, for all his weapons passion, Don was a fanatic also about gun safety and training.
    Get trained in gun safety then wear it!

  5. Tim Starr says

    I wonder how Tuason would feel if it was suggested that cops should provoke armed citizens so the cops can get permanently – and completely – disabled.

    A cop who made comments like this about shooting blacks for simply exercising their legal rights would be immediately suspended without pay, and rightly so. His bigotry is no better than that.

  6. Jacob Martson says

    wow…. thats all I can say. I am behind these people, yet I can still understand the backlash against them. But this guy is psycho. It literally scares me that he has a gun and a badge. I am more scared of this guy then any of these “open carriers”

  7. David says

    Very disturbing! Regardless of your position on open carry or firearms ownership, you should be outraged with this blatant disregard for the lives of law abiding citizens. I’d expect these types of comments to come from gangbangers not a sworn officer! If local police are operating in some sort of gang mentality, no one is safe.