Local Dems hide at sacred cow venues to avoid Tea Party protests

Democrat Congressman and former California Lt Governor John Garamendi (CA-10), has announced he will make an appearance at an upcoming Senior Resource Fair in Antioch CA, August 12, at 9:00 a.m. Like Hamas operating out of the basement of a Children’s Hospital, local Dems who want to avoid confrontation have embraced a strategy of hiding within “untouchable” civilian populations to avoid facing tough questions, criticism, and protest.

We call it “candidate embedding.” It’s a smart strategy to appear exclusively with those sacred cow voting blocks; some heavily subsidized, that are beyond reproach and unassailable. Takes all the air out of any Tea Party Protesters: “How dare they make a ruckus at a vet event!” “They wouldn’t dare bomb a children’s hospital or tote signs to a protest to a venue honoring seniors, special needs, nurse of the year, etc.”

This all started when the Three Amigos—Congressmembers Garamendi, Macnenery< (CA-11), and Miller (CA-07)—organized a Townhall July 10 during a Fair for Women Vets in Pittsburg, CA. Despite calls for protest only 4 sign toters showed up. Tea Party organizers expressed discomfort with upsetting an event to honor American heros and dishonoring the flag. Totally out maneuvered, Tea Party organizers not willing to rock the vote will see a steady diet of these Democrat protest-free-zone appearances thru Election Day, November 2. Garamendi, for instance, is holding a Tele Town Hall tonite, and has scheduled 10 more. That will keep any grumpy voters out of the room with no signs outside. It will be easy to weed out any disgruntled citizens from getting their questions asked.

See event listings for Senior Resource Fair details.

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  1. Kenoli Oleari says

    I don’t quite get it. Tea partiers seem willing to rock the boat elsewhere, why not at vets events? I think the vets could handle it. One can support a group like the vets and still be critical of a speaker they have invited. It is odd that the Tea party would consider vets above criticism.

    It sounds like more of a political statement on the Tea party’s part than a real barrier to protest (or dialogue). Maybe there would be a chance at an event like this to actually have a conversation rather than simply stage a protest.

    • says

      @ Kenoli –I think you are on to something. The pull back and no shows at the vet event reminded me of the scene in the UnTocuhables where Sean Connery grabs Kevin Costner by the ears and asks, “What are you willing to do, eh?” Otherwise the Tea Party folks are indeed looking more like the tea and crumpet crowd holding watercress sandwiches with their pinkie sticking out.

      It also shows some confusion within its leadership and message which is too scattered to be effective. Proof of this is the way the GOP, with establishment ideologues like David Harmer, has already co-opted the movement.

  2. Common Tater says

    If the Dems only appear at sacred cow venues, then only sacred cows will vote for them.

    ~ EDITOR AGREES — Especially the over and under educated that make up core base and are heavily invested (subsidized) thanks to Dems.

  3. John Adams says

    Considering the real complaint here is that the Tea Party want a venue that they can disrupt why not simply ask them to provide a list of places where they feel comfortable denying other people their 1st Amendment rights?

    ~ EDITOR ADDS — It is also brilliant stategery! Hats Off.

  4. Profile photo of Edi Birsan says

    I seem to recall being at a Town Hall meeting held in Walnut Creek at the City Council chambers in December hosted by Garamendi. There was no exclusion of people there. It was a jammed pack meeting hall, Garamendi took questions from a ton of people including obviously hostile comments. There were clearly some Tea Party types present. There were anti Obama sign holders outside. Garamendi also spoke at City Council meetings elsewhere and as I recall there was no exclusion anywhere.
    I do not consider City Council meetings sacred cow venues. Maybe sacred bull venues, but certainly not cows.

    • says

      @ Edi — Perhaps you’re right. There’s two ways to explain how those pesky SRO live, in person Town Halls turn into anonymous glory holes of political subterfuge. I predict Republicans and other establishmentarians do the same when it’s their turn to face the music. They’re good at hiding and lack of transparency; just look at the CoCo GOP

  5. AnnB says

    But when they try to have regular town hall type meetings, the Tea Partiers shouted down everyone else. They deliberately forced those venues to close.

    Perhaps you could rewrite this post to acknowledge that these reps were driven to this.

    By the way, I don’t support these 3 guys but it’s clear to me that even the best elected official would have been driven to this strategy by the Tea Party’s tactics.

    ~ EDITOR RECALL IS BAD BUT — These guys aren’t driven to anything. It was strategy all along like Miller’s Town Hall by telephone. Don;t ever address real people. Don’t think for one minute Garamendi, McNerney, or Miller would schedule any open Town Halls but have and will continue to carefully pick safe or closed venues and. Plus George can (and will) talk over anybody with his hyper-partisan drivel.