New Contra Costa district lines raise 2012 campaign rumors

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors voted today 4-1 to pass plan 17D amended, which redraws supervisoral districts for the county. With new district boundaries comes a wave of rumors concerning possible challengers against incumbents Gayle Uilkema (D II), Mary Piepho (D III) and Federal Glover (D V). Each of these redrawn district seats could be in play in 2012. Here are some of the names being whipped about like snapping pennants on a gusty day on the Carquinez straits.

Speaking of the new “waterfront district” that meanders from Hercules and Crockett along Hwy 4 to Pittsburg, let’s welcome a brand new District V, sporting completely new dynamics. The fly in Federal Glover’s reelection ointment in 2012 could be Martinez. The county seat, which in recent history has been a part of District II, will surely become be a new central player in District V politics. And who better than incumbent city councilmember Mike Menesini, to challenge Glover from the heart of the new waterfront district.

Incumbent Uilkema’s newly drawn District II gives up the Reliez Valley and heads South along Hwy 680 all the way to San Ramon, the land of Abram Wilson. Wilson, a popular San Ramon Mayor and councilmember has a bucket load of name ID from his two runs for Assembly with which to reframe D II campaign debate to include South County interests and voter demographics. Abram also has a killer Pecan Pie recipe. Just saying’.

There is still the question of whether Uilkema, the only No-Vote on the new district measure today, may retire; but the veteran politician ain’t saying’…yet. Meanwhile, waiting in the wings, is Tomi Van de Brook, former chief of staff for Supervisor Mary Piepho and elected member of the Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board. Van de Brook is quietly building her connections and street cred as a viable candidate and possible heir to Gayle’s District II throne.

Out yonder, incumbent Mary Piepho’s more compact District III now includes much of Antioch. Rumors whisper that Antioch resident Gary Agopian, who came seriously close to upending Glover in 2008, may try again in the new D III. There is also talk that Oakley Mayor Jim Frazier expressed interest, but may be more interested in heading for Sacramento.

Both Piepho and Frazier may first have to decide whether they’d rather run for the new Assembly District 11 seat that now spans from Disco Bay to Vacaville.

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  1. Roy Rogers says

    In District V don’t forget the Pear Street Bistro’s favorite customer Maria Alegria of Pinole.

    Even though she was handily recalled in Pinole in Feb 2008, and trounced again in another Pinole City Council election bid later in Nov 2008, Maria would like to be a big cheese to go with that next blanc de blanc.

    Fire unions put a ton of money into those two failures. Can they go to the well for a 3 time loser? Still, Alegria is on the Democratic Central Committee and will insist she is owed some hefty endorsements.

    Convene the war crimes investigation at The Hague now cause come June 2012, the District V Supervisor primary will look like the Balkans with regional favorites from Pinole, Martinez, and Pittsburg staging firefights over entrenched turf, entitlement, and petty agendas.

    Ironically, whoever comes in third will be in the cat bird seat having the ability to be King- or Queen maker in November.

    • says

      Are you referring to the Chairman of the California Republican Party, Tom G. Del Beccaro? I have not heard any specific rumors about him chasing some local elected office. Tom is totally locked into national GOP talking points and the next congressional election cycle. Which is probably what he thinks they pay him to do. Don’t look for much help or insight on local issues there.