Obama rewrites 2008 election history during MLK observance

Obama once used any flimsy excuse Sunday to personalize and politicize a piece of America much bigger than his own inflated ego. During his remarks during the observance of Martin Luther King Day before parishioners of Vermont Avenue Baptist, Obama said,

You know, on the heels of that victory over a year ago, there were some who suggested that somehow we had entered into a post-racial America, all those problems would be solved. There were those who argued that because I had spoke of a need for unity in this country that our nation was somehow entering into a period of post-partisanship. That didn’t work out so well. There was a hope shared by many that life would be better from the moment that I swore that oath.

As I recall, it was Obama’s campaign, sycophants and mainstream media that was selling this pie in the sky. It appears the president is trying to make it sound like “there were some” was someone other than him now that his entire agenda has been brought into question.

The failure of the curtains to part and usher in a new era of Post Partisanship once he took office? Somebody else screwed that up, “Not Me,” says Obama. If the Joker wants t level blame for these societal failures he, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid should just look into a mirror and stop complaining that, like Hillary Clinton once said, opposition to his failed policies is somehow unpatriotic, racist, and the cause of schism.

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  1. Profile photo of Edi Birsan says

    The question was a matter of bipartisanship and outreach.
    The attempt was to blame Obama for the failure, and I disagree with that. The response was that people have serious disagreements, but what we are seeing is not a matter or seeking to resolve serious disagreement what we are seeing is the Republican Party taking a total NO position.

  2. Profile photo of Edi Birsan says

    Let me see if I understand the complaint about non-partisanship. The GOP leaders state publicly that they want the President to fail, that he is a racist, the GOP grassroots tea baggers call him a communist, the GOP VP candidate calls him a terrorist, and somehow it is Obama’s fault that there is not this overwhelming embrace of gumba- yah bi-partisanship?

    • says

      Welcome to life where people have serious differences. Some not as wholesome as others, I admit, as unsavory tendencies raise their heads on both sides as seen on leftwing talk hosts in Massachusetts today urging voters (seriously) to vote Coakley as many times as they can to make sure one party rule is maintained at whatever cost.

      The audacity of Obama is the preening attitude that since he is the chosen one how on earth can anyone oppose his righteousness. And this was the backdrop dripping throughout his speech Sunday. “If only they’d listen to me. Sigh.”

      He sounds like Al Gore trying to convince people the “science is settled” just to shut down debate. Republicans in Contra Costa are just a silly thinking no one should have an opinion other than an incompetent, self-serving leadership and their co-dependent has-beens.

  3. Megan Kelly says

    When you are born and raised in Chicago, you grasp at an early age that politics are dirty. Most people that go into that profession are there for the power and the monetary perks that go along with it.

    You learn that the “successful” ones have mastered the art of speaking out of both sides of their mouth. They will tell each group of disparate thinkers exactly what they want to hear in order to get elected. Once elected, they follow their own self serving agenda.

    They seem to relish the concept that they can control us with the stroke of a pen and care little about the consequences, long or short term.