Once in love with Amy

amy-worth-conflict-of-interest-Orinda-MTCRay Bolger, many decades ago, had a hit song called “Once in Love with Amy.” Presumably, the song was not about Amy Worth, the chairperson of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the mayor of Orinda. The MTC is a regional, Bay Area governmental agency that does transportation planning. But Worth, who has been the chairperson of MTC since early this year and mayor or Orinda since late last year, seems to be losing her popularity with Orindans.

In Orinda in 2010, Worth won a smashing re-election contest, garnering more votes than any of her opponents.

But this year, Worth has been a target of fierce criticism.

Earlier this year, Worth decided to give her State of the City address at a paid event at the Orinda County Club. Later, Worth, after much complaining by Orinda residents, gave a second State of the City address at no cost.

Worth may have a conflict of interest. She is trying to serve the voters of Orinda, who elected her, and simultaneously be chairperson of MTC. Worth was not elected directly by voters to her MTC position. Is Worth’s loyalty to Orinda or to some other constituency? Can she truly serve two masters simultaneously?

Worth voted, on the night of July 18-19, 2013, for Plan Bay Area, a flawed scheme to get Bay Area residents to ditch their cars and move into high-rise, high-density housing.

Worth, in her MTC position, is now talking about needing “additional money” to “keep the Bay Area livable for future generations.” She made her remarks in a recent column in the San Francisco Chronicle. Does Worth want a tax increase?

Worth, despite repeated requests from Orinda residents, never holds town-hall meetings or press conferences.

In recent weeks, over 300 local residents have crammed, on several occasions, into the Veterans Memorial Building in Lafayette to protest Plan Bay Area.

At a May meeting of the Orinda City Council, over 250 people, a possible record attendance for an Orinda City Council meeting, showed up to protest Plan Bay Area.

If Orindans were once in love with Amy, they do not appear to be in love with her now.

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  1. Richard Colman says

    Anti-Semitism or just plain insensitivity may have been behind the Orinda City Council’s decision to meet on the evening of Monday, March 25, 2013. That evening was the first night of Passover. I hold Mayor Amy Worth responsible for holding the March 25 meeting. I have written Worth formal letters numerous times, asking her why the city council had to meet on the first night of Passover. Worth has never replied. I doubt that the city council would have met on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Easter Sunday. Does Amy Worth and the rest of the city council have some dislike of Jews?