Once you vote black: Unofficial pro-Obama campaign button

The Atlantic billed this unofficial pro-Obama campaign button as one of “The best of the official and unofficial campaign gear on display for the Democratic convention.” Without doubt, this is a creative twist on a racist and lewd cultural meme, and sets a new standard for campaign buttons.

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  1. dan the buttonman says

    Well i designed this button and Jo has it right. Not ment to be racist. Just wanted to get some smiles. Many people nowadays just don’t smile. This button is highly collectable and only 1500 were printed. You cannot buy these on line or wholesale. This button is epic. We never in a million years dreamed one of our buttons would be so popular. Thanks. oh and we do donate money to the campaign and other michigan democratic agendas.

  2. Jo says

    I don’t think or was ment tho be racest. It was supposed tho be funny like once you go black you never go back. It’s no obama thats doing the buttons, it’s supporters with a since of humor. Lighten up trust me I’m sure there will be one about romney too that people will complain about. Honestly I see the humor behind this butto. I’m white and I would wear one not just tho show my support, but tho get a laugh.

  3. ChampagneKitty says

    I am a registered Democrat (please don’t beat up on me) and I think these buttons are very inappropriate. Also, they are not at all in line with President Obama’s campaign tactics. He wisely did not focus on his ethnicity during the last election and isn’t doing that on this one.

  4. Betina says

    How would the left react if some Romney supporter made buttons that stated


    There would be riots over that.

  5. Kai says

    So….does that mean once you vote black, you never go back and vote for them again? Doesn’t sound like a very good campaign slogan.

  6. MrNico says

    What a typical bunch of racist crap from the dumbocrats. After their hippie dreams failed, they still cling to unrealistic socialist agendas…