One Bay Area Plan to exempt developers from CEQA, decrease local jobs; toll roads everywhere

June 20, a group of citizens concerned about private property rights attended the One Bay Area Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Meeting in Oakland. They learned that the One Bay Area Plan to institute sustainable development and smart growth in the Bay Area will exclude developers who agree to build TPP’s (Transit Priority Projects) from CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) requirements! The plan also calls for policies that decrease local jobs and creates toll roads everywhere.

What is CEQA?
A statute that requires state and local agencies to identify the significant environmental impacts of their actions.

What is a TPP?
The development of living areas where the minimum housing density is 20 units per acre, and within a half mile of a major transit stop.

So– The One Bay Area Plan to improve air quality, transportation and housing will exempt builders from going through an environmental process that One Bay Area Planners claim is needed to keep the Bay Area from turning into an overcrowded, unlivable region. The One Bay Area Plan has been sold as a necessity to stop the environmental destruction of the Bay Area and create a sustainable and smarter Bay Area.

Keep in mind that if you want to build other kinds of housing in the Bay Area you will have to go through CEQA inquiries. One of the many reasons discussed for coming up with a plan like One Bay Area was for reasons of fairness: Transportation justice, social justice, and income equality were discussed ad nauseam. The One Bay Area planners have thrown fairness out the window when it comes to building projects.

Some other priorities outlined in the One Bay Area EIR are: Applying appropriate policies to encourage a decrease in the average number of jobs within 15, 30, or 45 minutes from home, road pricing– charging people to use existing roads, increasing parking costs to discourage people from commuting with cars, changing current zoning that will infringe on private property rights.

Once again the One Bay Area bureaucrats have spent the public’s money planning ways in which they can transform the Bay Area into their vision of a green, car-free society. The proposed CEQA exemptions tell another story. If this plan is all about saving the environment then why exempt builders from complying to California’s strict environmental policies?

Especially watch (hr 1:30 minutes) how they NEVER answer and just blow off the public.

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  1. John Fry says

    These two could have worked for the Nazi, they are your neighbor who led you off to the gas chamber because they were told to.

    God help us !

  2. Jim Bennett says

    If these traitors think they have taken the measure of our resolve, they will soon see…they have not.
    I’m sure that anything that will so profoundly effect SO many lives.
    Anything they are SO sure of as to not require our vote.
    Well, I’m sure they’ll be SO proud to explain their adherance to this ‘Plan’ to their constituents.
    We intend to give them that unique opportunity.
    They can try running that OneBayArea rhetoric by ’em, see how that plays. Personally, I don’t think it’s gonna play so good.
    Sunlight is the best disinfectant.