Open Letter to Concord Mayor Ron Leone

hit piece, Edi Birsan, Concord CopsDear Mayor Leone, While the sometimes bitter election for the two City Council seats that is now behind us, there is still one area that needs to be addressed at once; that is the slanderous, racist pamphlet sent was distributed by the Concord Police Officers Association (POA) defaming candidate Edi Birsan.

While Edi no doubt will turn the other cheek and move on, the people of Concord need a resolution to the contents of the mailer. The POA needs to say in a clear way that their members do not stand for judging people by their name, racial heritage, or religion.

Why is this necessary one might ask? If this issue remains unresolved, defense attorneys in Superior Court will be able to present the POA hit piece to jurors to show policeman cannot be trusted and are prejudiced against and people of color and ethnic origin.

Even half believing such a notion would be a great disservice to our community. I also think it would be a good idea to take up the POA’s hate piece with Concord’s Chief of Police and the City Manager’ office. After conferring with them, the City Council should be certain the type of racial hatred and prejudice exhibited by the POA against Edi Birsan should have no place in Concord government on any level.

As the POA’s attacks on Edi Birsan were done in the spotlight, their apologies to him along with his constituents should be made in a public forum such as at a City Council Meeting or a letter made public. Lastly, the individual who wrote the pamphlet for the police department should be given a “red card” and be kicked out of politics in the community indefinitely.

Sincerely Yours,

Richard J. Eber
CC City Council, City Manager, Chief of Police, Joe Higby POA, Edi Birsan


My wife says I am crazy to take on the POA on the matter of their hate mail brochure sent out to scare citizens to vote against Edi Birsan in the City Council race. She is concerned that our house will come under surveillance and traffic citations will rain on our family.

I personally do not fear such a plight. Even if the Concord P.D. were targeting me for my strong views against their organization’s political activities, it is worth it. The issue of racism, ones religion and ethnic background are not to be trifled with. If we learned anything from fascists during WWII, it was that “benign neglect” is not a good option when the race card is pulled.

In this case, the vast majority of Concord Police Officers have not shown in their work, the vicious innuendo’s that the anti Birsan Pamphlet tried to spread. By and large, the Concord Police force is comprised of good people. Unfortunately, this does not give them a pass for the damage that the POA did. To their credit, the citizens of Concord did not buy this either. The 300 plus comments on Claycord and letters on this subject that Halfway to Concord published show ample proof that the POA’s hit piece has no place in our Community.

Ironically, the POA mailer most likely did their trailing candidate Tim McGallian more harm than good. A vast majority of people I spoke to were so outraged that they voted only for Birsan to punish the POA for their slanderous accusations against him. While there are politico’s who push the issue aside by saying “everybody does it”, the POA’s brochure was definitely judged to be “One Toke over the Line” by most folks.

Now we ask that with the election over, should we continue to pursue the POA for their dirty work. I say “yes” because the Police Department is in the public domain and has higher standards to meet than the private sector. There is a definite difference between the expected ethical conduct of an individual carrying a badge versus a normal citizen on the street.

This reality should not escape Joe Higby, President of the POA. While no one thinks he wrote the vicious attack against Birsan, Higby has the responsibility for clearing the air on this matter. Perhaps it was a bit of an overreaction for me to ask him to resign as POA President, but the seriousness of this matter demands that Higby put the public’s concerns to rest.

Now we come to who actually did write the infamous hit piece for the POA? While many insiders point to McGallian and Helix’s campaign manager Mary Jo Rossi as the culprit, there is no hard evidence linking her to this piece of trash. However, it quite probable that Rossi at least hired and/or approved the contents for the brochure attacking Birsan. Such a reality places a large burden on City Council members as Rossi, has managed most of their successful past campaigns.

“As the world turns” in Concord politics sounds like a great name for a soap opera about our beloved city. We have all the necessities for such a program. “treachery”, “false accusations”, “slander”, and “double dealing” to name a few. All that is missing is a “love triangle” which is definitely not between Edi Birsan and the POA!

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  1. Dave Johnson says

    As a follow up to my post I feel strongly Concord needs to put the garbage concession out to bid in the future. If Bill Gram
    Reefer and others want to minimize the role of this garbage company in politics, that would be the way to do it. You would also get rid of Mary Joe Rossi by doing this as well, after this garbage company loses their monopoly – they would only be a bidder on the next contract – they would be so mad Rossi would get her walking papers pronto, which would be great because many – including myself -a re tired of her and garbage company backers. These are just barfo in my book.

  2. Dave Johnson says

    I think a ballot initiative that would mandate the contract for picking up Concord’s garbage be put out to “bid” is long overdue. This would break the back of this stranglehold the local garbage company has on the Concord City Council. It would take years for this to happen – this garbage company typically signs like 15 year “deals” locking the company into picking up the cities garbage, but eventually you could get rid of them by putting out garbage contract to bid. The same company has held that contract for 50 years, they buy off all the city council members year after year, people are tired of it. These negative mailers by the POA were likely paid for by the garbage company. For many years you’ve had this sickening “alliance” between the greedy garbage company and the greedy POA. All these two groups care about is money, bloated pensions for greedy POA members, and bloated garbage fees for the garbage company. This Mary Jo Rossi works for the garbage company, they pay her to manage Concord City Council campaigns for candidates they “support”. The people that run this garbage company could care less about politics – all the care about is money, while they live in Concord – technically – they are mostly on vacation, or living at their vacation homes. They do no work of any kind, the garbage rates are unusually high in Concord – among the highest in the nation – and as a result the members of this family that owns the garbage company don’t have to work. I mean these people have so much money – and do no work for it, zip , you really need the Occupy Movement people to come and picket them. They are among worst examplea of the 1% I’ve ever seen.