Problem banks in California

In addition to tracking failed banks in2009 (92 so far), Calculated Risk has published a Database of Problem Banks.

A problem bank is defined as a bank that is in jeopardy of failing. A list of all problem banks is compiled, maintained, heavily monitored by the FDIC. In short, if problems at a listed bank continue, the FDIC will take control of the bank and then either sell the problem bank to a stronger one or liquidate the bank and pay off the depositors. It used to be the FDIC would insure all accounts at these institutions. Unfortunately, the FDIC is on its own problem list and is seeking its own bailout to shore up its reserves from “healthier” banks. Uh-oh.

Problem banks located in California include:

California National Bank, Los Angeles
Canyon National Bank, Palm Springs
Coast National Bank, San Luis Obispo
Community Bank of San Joaquin, Stockton
Community Banks of Northern California, Tracy
Desert Commercial Bank, Palm Desert
Discovery Bank, San Marcos
First Federal Bank of California, a Federal Savings Bank, Santa Monica
First Regional Bank, Los Angeles
First Standard Bank, Los Angeles
First Vietnamese American Bank, Westminster
Gateway Bank, FSB San Francisco
Golden Coast Bank, Long Beach
Golden Security Bank, Rosemead
Granite Community Bank, National Association, Granite Bay
Imperial Capital Bank, La Jolla
Independence Bank, Newport Beach
Innovative Bank, Oakland
International City Bank, National Association, Long Beach
Los Padres Bank, Solvang
Merchants Bank of California, National Association, Carson
Mission Oaks National Ban, Temecula
New Resource Bank, San Francisco
National Bank, San Clemente
Pacific National Bank, San Francisco
Pacific Valley Bank, Salinas
Palm Desert National Bank, Palm Desert
Pan American Bank, Los Angeles
Plaza Bank, Irvine
San Diego National Bank, San Diego
San Joaquin Bank, Bakersfield
Tamalpais Bank, San Rafael
Uniti Bank, Buena Park

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