Rats jump local GOP sinking ship

Contra Costa Rerpublican Party Central (CCRP) Committee chairman Greg Poulos, has announced his resignation. Poulos follows the resignation of disgraced former chair and vice-chair Tom Del Beccaro, who also serves as Vice Chair of the California Republican Party, whose leadership is currently mired in sexual scandal.

Poulus was unelected, but was appointed as a member and chairman of the committee by Del Beccaro and was seen as Del Beccaro’s sock puppet. Poulos and his dwindling supporters typically characterized any opposition to the Central Committee’s incompetence, lack of transparency and financial ruin, as attempts to destroy the party.

Poulos and Del Beccaro’s resignation come as the CCRP’s ad hoc financial investigation committee nears the release of its report.

Knowledgeable sources suggest CCRP member Gene Kreps, recovering from knee surgery, would be in line to take over the chairmanship. Del Beccaro supporters Patty O’Day and Treasurer Darci Linn may also be considered.

Questions remain concerning culpability for the organization’s longstanding debt.


Becky Kolberg
Contra Costa County Republican Party

Dear Becky:

I write this notice to formally resign my positions as Chair of the Contra Costa County Republican Party and central Committee member, effective immediately.

I joined this Party to make a difference in my community–to spread the word about conservative values and ideals, to help get Republicans elected, and to make our county and our state a better place to live, work, and raise our families. It has been a pleasure working alongside my fellow Republicans. I am proud to call many of these folks my friends. We have put in a lot of time and hard work together, and, despite the occasional challenges and clashes of local politics, we have accomplished much.

But the position of Chair has come to require more time than I am able to give. Going into the 2010 elections, Contra Costa will need a Chair able to devote even more time than usual to advancing the agenda of the Central Committee and doing our part to secure local and statewide victory at the ballot box.

After my resignation, I look forward to returning my energies full time to my family and business, and serving the efforts of the conservative movement and the Republican Party as I am able.

Therefore, I humbly submit my resignation, and wish the party continued success in the future.


Greg Poulos
Contra Costa Republican Party

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  1. Munchkin says

    @Kay: Darcy’s probably trying to steal any remaining money for TDB before a house lands on her.