Recent improvements at Halfway To Concord

Well, I think they’re improvements, anyways. You probably have noticed the new splash of paint featuring the color palette around a bold California Poppy theme. What better way than for a blog on California Politics to feature the State flower?

We are also happy to note Halfway To Concord has achieved Google Page Rank of 5 (for now) The upshot is a link here is worth 25 at a site with a PR 3. You can hack around PR Checker to compare to other sites. Now on to PR 6!

Thanks to all for making H2C the place to be for local political coverage. See notes on additional changes below:

– We welcome the increasing number of contributors from throughout the County and are engaged with adding even more voices from the community.

– Changed hosts after multiple serial epic fails at The site is currently served on a LEMP at I sincerely apologize for all those blank screens and 503 messages during the myriad problems at VPSnet.

– Site response from LA, under 200ms per Pingdom, so our node at Fremont should be faster than that if it registers at all. Page load speeds now range from a zippy 691 ms (92% faster than all web sites, to a faster than normal 1.5 secs. Site speed has become an important factor for Google Page Rank. Your mileage will vary depending on your ISP and location, platform, and browser. But it should be snappier page loading from here on out.

– Removed dead links from the Contra Costa Blogger sections. You are welcome to recommend new ones.

– We made the CONTACT FORM easier to use by removing the damned UNREADABLE reCAPTCHA security measure and now use an easier to read security measure. Please don’t be offended if it asks you if you are human, this is not to embarass you, but just a way to get to know you better while weeding out Viagra and Porn sites from Chechnya.

– Added sidebar to single post view. Pages remain sidebar-less. We may add another side bar in 2Q. Or not.

– Added Post Categories back to the Navigation Bar.

Finally, as ever, contribute, comment, and let us know how we are doing and recommend new features for us to consider adding.


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