Romneycare controversy heats up CA-11 GOP primary

A week ago, U.S. Marshal Tony Amador, candidate in California’s 11th Congressional District, called two of his opponents ‘hypocrites’ on the issue of healthcare. At the center of the storm was David Harmer, his Republican Primary opponent, who announced the endorsement of Gov. Mitt Romney in the midst of the Romneycare controversy.

Harmer announced the Romney endorsement again on Wednesday, which left Amador shaking his head.

“Has anyone told David Harmer that Gov. Mitt Romney is the author of ‘Romneycare,’ the Massachusetts health care plan that was the model for Obamacare?” asked Amador. “Why would anyone want to publicize such a liberal endorsement in a Republican Primary?”

“The fact is David Harmer likes to say he’s a conservative and he opposes nationalized health care. I think voters are tired of having that type of insider-Republican representing us in Washington. That’s why I’m running,” Amador said.

Amador said even President Obama made the case that his health plan was similar to Romneycare.

Another Republican opponent in the race, Elizabeth Emken, also takes a position of opposing nationalized health care, but as a lobbyist, Emken wrote letters in support of the president’s plan.

“How can either of these candidates wage an effective campaign against McNerney if they are soft on nationalized health care?” Amador asked. “Elizabeth Emken lobbied for Obamacare’s passage and David Harmer is endorsed by the author of Romneycare.”

“Rep. Tom McClintock needs help in Washington advocating for the repeal of Obamacare. I will oppose the government takeover of our healthcare system,” said Marshal Amador.

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  1. Stan Devereux says

    Romney Endorsement Could Be Political Poison

    The Wall Street Journal ran a story Friday written by Peter Wallsten reinforcing the notion that Gov. Mitt Romney’s support for congressional candidates, such as David Harmer is California’s 11th Congressional District, may backfire because of the health care issue.

    Romney is supporting congressional candidates who say they want to repeal President Barack Obama’s sweeping health-care law, but who also tout the Romney endorsement.

    A Romney endorsement could be political poison this year for people like David Harmer.

    The WSJ article reports that Romney was recently making the rounds in New Hampshire, a pre-presidential campaign swing, promoting his new book. At various locations, people were wondering why Romney opposes Obama’s health-care policy when he ushered in ‘Romneycare,’ a near-universal health-insurance system into law as governor of Massachusetts.

    Wallsten tells of one New Hampshire Republican who was bombarded with people asking about the hypocrisy. Wallsten didn’t use the word, but that seemed to be the point. Also, Romney attended a breakfast that drew 150 people where many conservatives opposed the Obama plan because they viewed the Massachusetts precursor as a failure.

    Political commentator Dick Morris said Friday that latest CBS News Poll shows Obama’s health care bill lost seven points in popularity since it passed last month. “When the legislation passed, it won approval from 41% of Americans according to a CBS poll taken at the time. Now, the network reports that only 34% back the legislation. Since July, backing for the plan stood at 49% in CBS’ polling. Morris believes “Obamacare is a gift to the Republican Party that keeps on giving.”

    The WSJ story is a good read and highlights the political problem facing not only Mitt Romney, but also the congressional candidates he supports. Response, Mr. Harmer?

  2. Jack Barbaccia says

    What are the candidates’ positions on amnesty and illegal immigration, completing an effective security fence/barrier along the southern US-Mexican Border, and the positioning of military troops along this border? I would like a reponse from each 11th congressional district candidate! Thank You

  3. Frank says

    Is this the same David Harmer that was morally outraged over carpet bagging 6 months ago?