Steve Weir releases official election report for Contra Costa County

election results, 2010 election, contra costa county, steve weir, clerk-recorderSteve Weir, Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder, has released the official report for the November 2, 2010 California Gubernatorial election. Voter turnout in Contra Costa was 66% compared to statewide turnout of 60%. The closest race was decided Measure N a school bond measure in Knightsen which failed, two votes short of the 55% needed for passage.

Then there was the CA-11 Congressional race between incumbent Democrat Jerry McNerney, and GOP challenger David Harmer, that left Republicans grumbling; not to mention problems with voter registration bounty hunters changing party affiliation on the forms they handed in.

Nov 2 2010 Election Report

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  1. Common Tater says

    I tried to download Steve Weir’s report but it is in something called scribd. I received the following message: “You Must be Logged in to Download a Document”

    So, in order to download it, I am required to register with scribd or facebook, which I refuse to do. Why should I have to give up my privacy to download a PUBLIC document?

    Is this requirement from Steve Weir or from HTC?

    • says

      Good question, thanks.

      Just want to clear up any confusion—the document is a report of some of the statistics and notable events that took place during the election count; including notable findings and what follow up can be taken to resolve problems. Thus I edited headline and replaced “results” with “report.”

      Official election results can be found at

      The report itself can also be found on the County Election site at It is the second item down in the right hand sidebar with no apparent URL (who still uses frames?)

      I understand your concern about privacy (I hate Facebook, too) and I apologize. Just that using Scribd is simplest place to host large PDF docs without taking the hit on resources. It’s not like the the County couldn’t keep a log of IP addresses that download docs, or ask for name and e-mail address for verification.

      That said. When there’s a perfect world, and complete internet security I’ll let you know. bgr