Resources to stop eminent domain for public gain


Here are some resources for you to get up to speed on fighting eminent domain for private gain in California. This is the info that tax-hungry municipalities and the pro “regional planning and transit villages at any cost, especially your property rights” crowd don’t want you to know. You can post your own as you find them.

Castle Coalition
Great site that lists model legislation, current eminent domain controversies, plus current federal, state and local bills.

Pacific Legal Foundation
Good article by David Stirling that originally appeared in the California P{olitical Review.

Legal Commentary
Don’t let the politicians parroting the party line of the RDA and League of California Cities snow you about the “what’s the big deal? Kelo changes nothing” argument. That’s baloney.

The author, Douglas Kmiec, is Chair and Professor of Constitutional Law at Pepperdine University. He served as head of the Office of Legal Counsel (U.S. Assistant Attorney General) for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Former Dean of the lawschool at The Catholic University of America, Professor Kmiec was a member of the law faculty at the University of Notre Dame for nearly two decades.

Article from San Diego Union-Tribune
Good story that covers both side of the issue.

Anything by Dan Walters on the topic.
This article exposes the hyperbole being pumped out by the RDA.

Anything by Daniel Weintraub on the topic.
This article analyzes a current controversy involving agland in Sacramento County.

Analysis by Debra Saunders
Eminent domain abuse in Oakland.

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