Payton argues for Section 8 reform in Antioch

Official write-in candidate for Mayor of Antioch, Allen Payton, proposed a moratorium Tuesday, on additional Section 8 housing units in Antioch and other changes to the housing program, until the city can get violent crime under control. “With increasing violent crime in Antioch – the highest of any big city in the state, we need […]

Mayoral candidate says Antioch near bankruptcy

Allen Payton, write-in candidate for Mayor of the City of Antioch, says Finance Director, Dawn Merchant, is not showing the full picture when she says city finances are in the clear. Payton insists that. “Antioch’s current budget, which shows a $4.7 million reserve at the end of two years, doesn’t take into account a variety […]

Endorsements bolster campaigns — maybe

One supposes that campaign endorsements from muckymucks higher up the political food chain can help build credibility for one’s campaign. I’m not so sure, especially when it’s the same folks that created the existing mess. Sounds like a promise of more of the same, if you ask me. But I see that Lisa Vorderbrueggen and […]

Allen Payton launches write-in campaign for Antioch Mayor

Citing increased crime, traffic, and the lack of jobs and a business friendly, can-do attitude in City Hall, Allen Payton announced he has launched a write-in campaign for Mayor of Antioch. His opponents include Don Freitas and Jim Davis. Call Payton at (925) 457-5324 or e-mail. Here are links to Payton’s campaign statements: Campaign Announcement, […]