Proposed sabbatical for College Chancellor Helen Benjamin raises questions

chancellor helen benjamin DVC

At its July 23, 2014 meeting the Contra Costa Community College District Board will consider a two-month, paid sabbatical leave request from District Chancellor Helen Benjamin.  On the same agenda Benjamin recommends hire of an interim replacement, former Contra Costa College President McKinley Williams, at a District cost of over $53,000 for two months’ work.  Williams […]

Bond measure for Community College District in 2014


Living in a Contra Costa County home may cost more if a proposed community-college bond measure passes. The Contra Costa Community College District wants to put a $450 bond measure on the June 2014 ballot. The bond measure, if passed, would raise property taxes.

K-12 Schools Must Improve to Help East Bay Economy Stay Competitive

Last month Contra Costa County Supervisors were briefed on the region’s future job outlook by representatives from the Contra Costa Community College District, the county’s Workforce Development Board and the Contra Costa Council. These groups work with leaders from local industry to develop job training programs to meet employer needs. The discussion focused on job growth in the context of developing Contra Costa’s […]

Stop College District vote to approve handout for FAT CAT UNIONS, Dec 14


The Contra Costa Community College District is getting ready to vote on Dec. 14th to allow only UNION contractors to bid and work on jobs for the district. This is un-American and needs to be stopped. There are so many people out of work and to ONLY allow the FAT CAT UNIONS through Project Labor […]