Newspapers in decline

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What would our civilization be like without newspapers? Your leisurely breakfast with a cuppa joe  while reading the important news of the day might become a relic of the past. As sad as it might be, this day may soon be approaching. Dwindling readership and advertising revenues have put many formidable newspapers out of business with others […]

CC Times Blasts Pleasant Hill Mayor rotation fiasco


In a refreshingly candid commentary, the Contra Costa Times editorial board blasted Pleasant Hill Councilmembers Michael Harris, Tim Flaherty and Ken Carlson for their move last month to bypass fellow Councilmember Jack Weir in the traditional Pleasant Hill Mayor rotation.

Good News, Bad News for Sufism Project Neighbors

Since my last article about Sufism’s controversial Walnut Creek, California building project, there are new developments to report.  Readers are encouraged to add comments regarding ongoing events, as the situation remains fluid.

El Sobrante should take action against County development plans


While citizens in Danville and Lafayette have wised up to the top down central planning tactics of unelected regional government mandates from ABAG and MTC, citizens of El Sobrante are just waking up to the County’s “General Plan Update”. In sum, the plan update will transform El Sobrante into just another soul-less, densely populated gulag […]

Contra Costa Times journalist links public pension system to theft

Dan Borenstein, a columnist for the Contra Costa Times, said pensions for California’s public employees may be a form of “theft.” Speaking, on Thursday, June 21, to a large audience at the Orinda Public Library’s auditorium, Borenstein said that the pensions of public employees are leaving a large debt to future generations.

CC Times endorses Candace Andersen for Supervisor


The Contra Costa Times today endorsed Candace Andersen for Supervisor. We do too. I can’t believe that Andersen’s opponent Tomi Van de Brooke, advocates increasing county employee compensation (and pension costs); especially based on whacky inflationary salary surveys that only cost taxpayers more and more. Talk about a tin ear and ruinous, hamfisted, pro-union favoritism […]

CC Times’ Josh Richman calls the kettle black

Rush Limbaugh calling a Georgetown Law student and abortion activist Sandra Fluke a slut on his radio program (Rush has since apologized) has invoked high dudgeon from leftwing pundits and failing print news organizations like the Contra Costa Times in the bag for all things Obama. Case in point: see Josh Richmond’s indignation at the […]

Do AB-155 and SB-88 protect the public or union interests?

desaulnier defends california budget proposals

22 states prohibit municipalities from having access to bankruptcy. Additionally 16 states allow only limited access when certain conditions are met. California is one of only 12 states that allow a municipality to file for bankruptcy with no oversight and no questions asked.