No excuses for California Democrat Supermajority

Finally! Democrats in the state legislature can no longer blame their failures on the California GOP. In the recent election Democrats gained a two thirds Supermajority in the Assembly and State Senate. With the new configuration of the legislature, Republicans are unable block any bill, nor can they overturn a veto by Governor Brown. In […]

Rats jump local GOP sinking ship

Poulos and Del Beccaro’s resignation come as the CCRP’s ad hoc financial investigation committee nears the release of its report.

California GOP death wish

young republicans challenge old guard in california

At its state convention kicking off at Indian Wells on September 25, the California GOP (CRP) will consider a number of important issues ostensibly intended to elect more Republicans in 2010.

CRP is the party of stupid


The latest bit of stupidity to come down the pike is that the party of conservatism donated $650,000 to Governor Schwarzenegger. Problem is the money is being used to fund the six ballot measures that are actively opposed by the CRP and hated by Republicans

Michelle Malkin smells a rat



You are not invited!

Example #3,569 of how far the California GOP has its head up its ass. An invitation for a fund raiser for Tom Del Becarro, is scheduled for 5-7 p.m. Saturday, December 13, at a secret location. Probably at a mansion in Moraga with Hispanics dressed in starched white uniforms serving some cocktail wienies while on […]