10 reasons the Democratic Party faces a tough election cycle this fall

Democratic Party faces tough election cycle in 2014

It must be getting close to election time. With emotions boiling to the surface for those who care about the outcome on November 4th, I have been subject of late to more criticism than usual. These allegations include charges of, “lacking of knowledge of local Democratic Party politics,” character flaws for being shallow and simplistic, plus suffering […]

Democratic Party endorsements for Concord City Council far from unanimous


Dr. Harmesh Kumar, is not especially happy with the Democratic Party these days.  Following interviews with all candidates for the three open slots for Concord City Council, he was not endorsed by their Central Committee. Kumar felt such recognition was owed him given his record of public service as sponsor of the Diversity Festival, being […]

Concord Chamber hears Garamendi

In an extended conversation with the Concord Chamber of Commerce on John Garamendi, the Democratic Congressional Candidate for the 10th District spoke to the Concord Chamber

Grandmas with guns save GOP

grandmaas with guns save GOP in 2010

The propaganda that President Obama and the Democrats are going to steal Seniors’ government-run health care (Medicare) has awakened Grandmas across the nation, driving them back in droves to the GOP (Grandma/pa’s Old Party).

Special election nite pictures

cd-10 special election balloon drop

pics from Mark DeSaulnier’s campaign headquarters Sept 1 as supporters celebrate a their hard work. Pictured are supporters, Mark, and Rep George Miller (CD-07) at campaign office in Walnut Creek, California.

Checklist: Count down for CD-10


The CD-10 race displays classic candidate campaign disparities in style, money, organization, appeal and strategies. Taken together they make an excellent case study for a Political Science major. Here are the salient criteria to check off as the September 1 Special Election approaches.

CD-10 Dems split on candidates

Mark DeSaulnier obtained 52% of votes in Congressional District Delegates 52% but 60% needed for endorsement. Joan Buchanan second 26% , John Garamendi 19%.

Hey Democrats – Be Careful


What you need to do is to take a page from Bill Clinton’s play book and do a couple of things to steal fire from Republicans. First extend unemployment benefits beyond the current extension. Then have a payroll tax holiday. These two measures will put a lot of money into people hands now. Guarnteed they will not save it all.