Allysia Finley on GOP opportunity in California, Oct 30


Allysia Finley, editorial writer and former producer of the Wall Street Journal‘s “Opinion Journal Live< ” video show, will be the featurted speaker October 30, as the Contra Costa GOP host a discussion on how Republicans can make a comeback in the Golden State. The event takes place beginning with a 6:00pm social hour at […]

Harry Sachs: the new face of the GOP in local races?


To my friends, it is very well known that my favorite professional sports teams are the San Francisco Giants and 49ers. Having grown up in The City with these clubs most likely means I will be a fan through eternity. There are other franchises I might follow for which my affiliation would be of the […]

GOP as Peace Party?

Large commitments to military spending and foreign-policy interventionism — long-term hallmarks of Republican Party thinking — may be ending. A new Republican ideology on foreign policy appears to be emerging. The ideology contains elements of isolationism and pacifism.

The GOP War against Women and Planned Parenthood, June 9

GOP war on planned parenthood

The Lamorinda Democratic Club (LDC) will meet June 9 for a presentation on how the Republican Party is waging war against women and Planned Parenthood. Featured speaker will include Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California Board Chair Melody Howe Weintraub, and Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific Chief Executive Officer, Mitzi Sales.