Special interest funding fuels 16th Assembly District race

Special interest funding fuels Steve Glazer campaign for California AD-16

Welcome to the Special Interests Bowl presented by the Koch Brothers. This week features a battle between Democratic hopefuls in the election to determine the successor to termed out Joan Buchanan in the 16th Assembly District. “This should be a good one Brent, as we have on one side Orinda Vice-Mayor Steve Glazer with his million dollar […]

Jerry Brown: Con Man

Gov. Jerry Brown may have deceived California voters last November when he campaigned vigorously for a massive tax increase designed to bring $6 Billion annually to the state’s schools. The state’s voters, by a margin of 55% to 45%, approved Brown’s tax measure, which was named Proposition 30. But did voters get what they think […]

California bankrupt like its failing cities

Dan Walters at the SacBee has posted a scathing op-ed comparing the State of California as every bit as bankrupt as its failing cities heading or getting ready to trot of to bankruptcy court. He says, “Elected leaders and appointed managers succumbed to hubris and political pressure, particularly from their employee unions…”what’s happened at the […]

Governor Brown wants higher taxes…badly

Gov. Jerry Brown called for higher state taxes Tuesday (May 22) as a way to solve California’s fiscal crisis. Saying that this is a time for “courage” and “innovation,” the governor urged California voters to pass a November 2012 ballot measure that will increase the sales tax — statewide — by one-quarter percentage point. He […]

Governor Brown unveils California budget

See Reuters coverage of Governor Brown’s proposed budget for California that struggles to close a $25 billion deficit. Brown’s overall budget plan depends on a successful June special election to extend temporary tax increases for five years. For that plan to proceed, lawmakers must support the budget plan by March. Discuss earnestly amongst yourselves.