Joe Rubay for GOP County Chair


Joe Rubay has worked with all factions of the Republican Party including but not limited to Bill Baker, Pete Wilson, Lynne Leach, Bill Simon, George W. Bush, John McCain, etc. He bleeds GOP red.

Rats jump local GOP sinking ship

Poulos and Del Beccaro’s resignation come as the CCRP’s ad hoc financial investigation committee nears the release of its report.

California GOP Endorses Harmer

3 stooges of CA GOP

The facts are that no Republican is going to win in CD 10. The registration numbers don’t lie. The really sad fact is the total corruption of the California GOP leadership in debauching any type of fair vetting process by the voters of Republican candidates for CD10. So now we have the Del Beccaro-Nehring candidate who will part fools from their money to bail out the failed Contra Costa Republican Party.

Election code violation petition


Petition to investigate complaints of Contra Costa County Republican Party California election code violations. Send to the California Secretary of State, and ther Contra Costa County District Attorney.

Contra Costa GOP allegations

Contra Costa GOP misconduct

allegations of mismanagement, misconduct, conflict of interest, election code and party bylaw violations currently taking place with the direction of the CCRP chair, Greg Poulos and vice Chair Tom Del Becccaro who is also vice chair of the California GOP.