No excuses for California Democrat Supermajority

Finally! Democrats in the state legislature can no longer blame their failures on the California GOP. In the recent election Democrats gained a two thirds Supermajority in the Assembly and State Senate. With the new configuration of the legislature, Republicans are unable block any bill, nor can they overturn a veto by Governor Brown. In […]

California reform ideas


TOP DOWN APPROACH Last week Gavin Newsom gave a speech about California as part of his exploration of his chances for running for Governor. In the course of the event he spoke about the Bottom Up approach in dealing with major issues in the economy such as bringing back vegetable gardens in your back yard and […]

California legislature and unions block volunteer help

Look for the Union Label, California! Dan Weintraub reports that the California State Legislature has held up an exemption for volunteers that want to help public works projects that receive government money; for instance library, hospital, and school field trip volunteers, to name just a few. Democratic Assembly opponents, looking to protect public employee unions, […]

California’s top lobbying interests

The SacBee has posted a list of California’stop 10 biggest spenders of lobbying money in the first six months of 2008, according to filings with the secretary of state. 1. California Hospital Association, $3.405 million 2. California Teachers Association, $2.699 million 3. Western State Petroleum Association, $2.644 million 4. California State Service Employees (SEIU), $2.555 […]

California spending more but enjoying it less

Someone from Southern California has finally stopped drinking the Kool Aid the California Legislature is serving up and asks: Where has all the money gone? This is the question that USC business professor, John Matsusaka, asked in the LA Timestly picked up widely by othert papers including the San Jose Mercury News. In fact, he […]

Sheriff Charlie Plummer endorses Scott Kamena for Assembly (AD-15)

Law enforcement legend Sheriff Charlie Plummer has announced his decision to back Republican Scott Kamena for State Assembly. Plummer with 54 years of service, served five terms as the Sheriff of Alameda County from 1987 to 2007, and is a statewide leader in law enforcement. “I have spent my life protecting our community from crime,” […]

California Dems dream of two-thirds majority, veto-proof legislature

Democratic bloggers including California Majority and California Progress Report are reporting that Assembly Leader, Fabian Nunez, is going all out for a two-thirds Democratic Party Majority in the Legislature during this Fall’s election cycle. To achieve that goal, among other things, three competitive districts are targeted, including Assembly District 15, currently held by Republican Guy […]

Local candidates announce state and county campaign news

Scott Kamena‘s campaign for the Republican nomination for the 15th State Assembly race announced this week that Councilman Jeff Williams, became the fifth member of the Livermore City Council to publicly endorse Kamena’s campaign, marking the first unanimous City Council endorsement in the race for the 15th Assembly District. Livermore is the largest city in […]