How Catharine Baker won California’s 16th Assembly District race

Catharine Baker California 16th Assembly District representative

In the highly contested 16th Assembly District race between Democrat and Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti, and political newcomer Republican Catharine Baker, it was expected to be a close election to be decided by a handful of votes. When all precincts reported, Baker trounced her opponent in Contra Costa County by a startling 42,599 to 36,589, while  gaining almost 54% […]

Concord incumbents triumph in Council race

Concord incumbents reelected to City Council

Questioning the perceived vulnerability of City Councilman Ron Leone was a popular pastime among his challengers for one of the three open spots filled in Tuesday’s election. According to this theory, four times elected Laura Hoffmeister and Mayor Tim Grayson were untouchable, leaving Leone as the weak link among the incumbents. It was postulated by […]

What really matters in the Concord City Council election?

Campaign signs litter Concord streets

In the quiet Concord cul-de-sac where my family and 5 others have resided for the past quarter century, partisan politics is not discussed very much. Voter registration rolls indicates a balance between Republican, Democrats and Independents. Social issues such as abortion and gay marriage are topics seldom mentioned among neighbors. Welcome to suburbia. Why is […]

DeSaulnier mum on support for Hamas

DeSaulnier refuses to disavow Hamas

The current bloody conflict in the Middle East, a conflict between Hamas and Israel, is not something on which Congressional candidate State Senator and Congressional candidate Mark DeSaulnier has, at least to this reporter, expressed a view. DeSaulnier (D-Concord) is running for California’s 11th Congressional District, which covers Contra Costa County. DeSaulnier would replace retiring […]

Uncontested elections in Contra Costa defeats democracy

uncontested election

Uncontested elections for offices in Contra Costa County appeared throughout the June 3 Primary ballot. This sad circumstance begs the question…What’s the difference between the election to replace retiring George Miller in Congress compared to what goes on in the so called “democratic” systems of Russia, China, and Cuba?  The answer is very little. These totalitarian regimes offer voters […]

County sales tax proposal on tap at June 3rd Supervisor meeting


When the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors meets Tuesday June 3rd to consider putting a sales tax proposal before voters, they have a complex set of issues to ponder in taking on such a political hot potato. Such a predicament becomes evident following my blistering post last week criticizing a countywide sales tax plan favored by Richmond Supervisor John […]

It’s official, DeSaulnier files for Congress

DeSaulnier files-for-congress

A tweet from California State Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) shows Mark as he submits papers as DeSaulnier files for Congress as a candidate for CA-11, the 11th Congressional District seat of California, encompassing most of Contra Costa County South of the Northern shoreline running from Martinez to Richmond.  He will run for the seat to be […]