Contra Costa GOP allegations

Contra Costa GOP misconduct

allegations of mismanagement, misconduct, conflict of interest, election code and party bylaw violations currently taking place with the direction of the CCRP chair, Greg Poulos and vice Chair Tom Del Becccaro who is also vice chair of the California GOP.

Contra Costa GOP to discuss Election 08, Jan 22

Notice found in GOP e-mail blast “All Republicans in Contra Costa County who seek to make a difference in 2008. Come listen as we effectively outline the roles and goals of the Contra Costa Republican Party for this ever critical election year! PLEASE NOTE: Your Voter Affiliation Will be Verified Upon RSVP to Attend this […]

Have you seen this child?

An Amber Alert may soon be released for missing child-actor, Thomas G. Beccaro, writer, producer, and director of the unsuccessful Contra Costa GOP. Tom has been missing from important political debates and party leadership in Contra Costa County for years. Here are the details of the bulletin: WHO: Tom Del Beccaro, CC GOP Chair and […]

Fannie Mae’s golden parachute for Franklin Raines

, will receive a pension of $114,000 per month for life plus health and life insurance benefits. Apparently, he retired before he could be dismissed for Enronesque mismanagement and apparent FCC reporting manipulation that produced over $9 billion dollars of falsely stated profits since 2001. I hope he chokes on it.