Should Barry Bonds be elected to Baseball Hall of Fame?

Nomination for Major League Baseball’s 2013 Class for the Hall of Fame have been released. And not since Pete Rose has there been a more controversial grouping of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemons, and Sammy Sosa, whose careers have been tainted by steroid use. Okay SF Giants fans, spill the beans…should #25 go to Cooperstown or […]

Seattle Mariners, Pittsburgh Pirates battle for worst MLB team in 2011

I have an ongoing bet with my friend Bernard who, for lack of a better location, is an avid, yet long-suffering, fan of the Seattle Mariners. Last year I won our annual bet that the Pittsburgh Pirates would lose more games than the Mariners. This year I offered “points” like a two-three-game head start, but […]

Will SF Giants and 49ers boycott Arizona teams?

mlb to boycott arizona diamondbacks

As the current flap concerning Arizona’s new immigration law takes center stage, Major League Baseball and the National Football League are rumored to be considering boycotts of Arizona professional sports teams