Occupy protestors finally get it right: Obama is a corporate puppet

According to the NY Times: “Demonstrators held signs that leveled some of the Occupy protest’s most pointed criticism to date of the president. “Obama is a corporate puppet,” one said. “War crimes must be stopped, no matter who does them,” read another, beside head shots of President George W. Bush and President Obama.” http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/11/30/occupy-protesters-mobilize-for-obamas-visit/

Who is the 1%?


The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement claims it represents the 99% of people who are under the jack boot of evil Capitalists; that 1% who control most of the wealth in the U.S.; who make the rules for the rest of us. OWS think a new revolutionary government is the answer to distribute wealth from […]

Occupy Wall Street comes to Walnut Creek, October 12, 19

occupy contra csta 99 percent

Believers in the Occupy Wall Street movement calling themselves Contra Costa 99% are organizing their local coming out party today, Wednesday, October 12, from 4:00 p.m. til dusk, at the corner of North Main Street and Mt Diablo Blvd in Walnut Creek, CA. Literally within a stone’s throw of evil corporate profit-makers including Bank of […]

Occupy X movement mirrors Tea Party as unions, activists plan Bay Area protests


The Occupy Wall St “movement” is about to receive a major upgrade this week from its anarchist sit-in youth movement in NYC. Professional agitators will school the Tea Party on how to upset the political apple cart. The JOBS NOT CUTS RALLY on Saturday October 15, features actor Danny Glover, and a long march from […]