CC Times Blasts Pleasant Hill Mayor rotation fiasco


In a refreshingly candid commentary, the Contra Costa Times editorial board blasted Pleasant Hill Councilmembers Michael Harris, Tim Flaherty and Ken Carlson for their move last month to bypass fellow Councilmember Jack Weir in the traditional Pleasant Hill Mayor rotation.

Negative Outlook bond rating for Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District

Financial storm clouds remain on the horizon for the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District (PHRPD), established in 1951. Following review of the District’s finances, including June 30, 2012 financial statements, a February 8, 2013 report from Fitch Ratings affirmed an “A” rating and “negative rating outlook” for $20 million in District general obligation (GO) […]

Pleasant Hill Garbage: padding waste recycling rates is a hidden tax

Trash Guy image

The City of Pleasant Hill, in a rush to pass new waste recycling rates, has scheduled a public meeting at 6:00pm on Tuesday, May 1 to seek public input about its trash and recycling franchise agreement with Allied Waste Services. Pleasant Hill is interested in reaching agreement this year on a new contract to continue through […]

Pleasant Hill Gunning for Second Amendment Rights

California guts Second Amendment

Over the past several months City of Pleasant Hill officials have been quietly planning to adopt new regulations to limit firearms and ammunition sales in the City. On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 the City’s Planning Commission is scheduled to take the first formal step to restrict firearms and ammunition sales, by amending its zoning ordinance […]

Hospice holiday grief classes

Hospice of the East Bay is offering a workshop for people who have experienced the death of a loved one, and find the holiday season to be a sad and stressful time of the year.

Pleasant Hill launches Interactive Guide

Charley Daly, Executive Director of the Pleasant Hill Chamber blogged recently about the shiny new Interactive Guide developed by 360Village and launched by the City of Pleasant Hill. Go to the Pleasant Hill site and click on the link to the Interactive Guide and explore what looks to be a skinned Google map. This looks […]