Teacher Unions outspend Baker 6-to-1 in California’s 16th Assembly primary

teachers unions stand against education reform in California

With the underperforming public school system in California under intense scrutiny, teachers have been criticized of late for their collective job performance. A frustrated public has unfairly blamed teachers for the failure of children to learn who have been brought up by Game Boy, Nintendo, Twitter, and Facebook, more than their from the tutelage of their […]

Susan Bonilla, unnecessary fundraisers, and more

It is difficult to fathom that with absentee ballots from November 6th barely counted, fund raising continues as if there was an election next week. Case in point Concord Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla. Even though she ran unopposed, Bonilla presided over her 6th annual Christmas Breakfast November 30th to celebrate the holiday season and add funds […]

Test your knowledge of California Propositions.

California Propositio Quiz 2012

The Contra Costa Times has a nifty quiz that tests your knowledge of the Propositions that will appear on the California Ballot in November. I got 9 of 11 questions right, a “B”; missing the one on Prop 39. Let us know how you did!