Concord City Council votes to extend Measure Q sales tax

City of Concord votes to extend Measure Q

Last night, the Concord City Council approved placing the City of Concord Essential Services Measure, also known as the Measure Q Continuation Measure, on the Nov. 4, 2014 ballot to protect and maintain local city services. Measure Q was adopted by Concord voters in 2010 to protect and maintain vital services. Funding from Measure Q […]

Like a zombie, County sales tax is dead…for now


The good news:  County Supervisors have decided against placing a countywide sales tax on the November 2014 ballot, due to lack of public support. (See: Powerpoint_Presentation_Poll_on_Sales_Tax (1) ) The bad news:  Supervisors continue to seek state legislation to allow Contra Costa to adopt a countywide half-cent sales tax in excess of the state maximum tax rate. The takeaway:  Will […]

Supervisors float new countywide sales tax for public safety, emergency, health services

countywide sales tax proposed

Below see the Board Order from the Contra Costa County Supervisors that authorizes up to $45,000 for polling to determine voter preferences for a new countywide sales tax that would support public safety, emergency response, healthcare services, and other critical needs throughout the County. Citing decreased property tax revenues caused by the real estate collapse […]

Supervisors plot new sales tax for Contra Costa taxpayers

Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia

“Just when you thought it was safe to swim in the water” the jaws of “progressive” politicians want to swallow another chunk of their constituent’s check books to impose a new health care tax. Fresh off the defeat on the Measure Bond Measure C which would have burdened Richmond property owners with a new parcel tax to fund […]

Low taxes in Texas v the California tax trap


Deep in the heart of Texas is something that just about any American can admire: there are low taxes in Texas. To some people, Texas may be a weird place, but not when it comes to money. Anybody living in California today faces the Golden State’s tax trap. California has the nation’s highest sales tax, […]

Scotch and Soda for Governor Jerry Brown

“Scotch and soda, mud in your eye. Baby, do I feel high, oh, me, oh, my, do I feel high.” –“Scotch and Soda,” by The Kingston Trio (1958). The Kingston Trio should become the Kingston Quartet — with California Gov. Jerry Brown as the fourth member. On Wednesday, September 25, California Gov. Jerry Brown, a […]

BART’s tax slaves

Cowardly politicians in California refuse to support taxpayers who pay for BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) even when there is no BART service. From July 1 to July 5, 2013, BART workers went on strike. Yet, during the strike, the full sales tax was collected. This violates the tacit service level agreement (SLA) taxpayers have […]

Concord City Council: What lies ahead in 2013


As we turn into 2013, apparently unscathed by the dire predictions from the Mayan Calender, it is time to set priorities for the Concord City Council in administrating how Contra Costa’s largest city is to be guided.

Top 10 Improvements for Concord

Looking forward to 2013, let’s take a minute to consider what improvements could come to Concord. While most of the ideas of those running for the open Concord City Council seats in 2012 could be categorized as “promises in the dark”, one point that virtually every candidate agreed upon was bringing more jobs and tax […]

Has Concord punished its car dealers enough?

In a stunning reversal of policy, the City of Concord, after punishing the city’s auto dealerships by imposing a higher local sales tax, now wants to change course. Concord Mayor Ron Leone is now saying: “There’s a vision to get our [Concord’s] auto district on the map” (Contra Costa Times, Dec. 1). The mayor wants […]