California State Senate election does not matter

None of the above

Seven fundamental reforms to education, business/labor, ill-founded environmental legislation, infrastructure spending, commerce, housing, and elections would transform California. Start here.

K-12 Schools Must Improve to Help East Bay Economy Stay Competitive

Last month Contra Costa County Supervisors were briefed on the region’s future job outlook by representatives from the Contra Costa Community College District, the county’s Workforce Development Board and the Contra Costa Council. These groups work with leaders from local industry to develop job training programs to meet employer needs. The discussion focused on job growth in the context of developing Contra Costa’s […]

U.S. Supreme Court dimisses ACLU challenge to Arizona School Choice

The U.S. Supreme Court today reversed the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn, a legal challenge aimed at halting Arizona’s highly successful and popular private school scholarship tax credit program. Today’s landmark decision declared that the plaintiffs in the case lack standing to bring the challenge in the first instance […]

The role of faith-based schools in School Choice debate; April 1, Boalt Hall


May Superman Pray? Government exists to serve the people, many of whom are religious believers, and it is required to respect their exercise of their religion. So where do faith-based schools fit in the ongoing debate concerning School Choice? Such matters will be on the agenda on April 1st, 2011, at an important conference to […]

Garamendi, Bonilla at Town Hall

A town meeting/open forum was hosted by the East Bay Democrats for Action at the Hampton Inn in Pittsburg for John Garamendi and Susan Bonilla the candidates for Congressional District 10 and the 11th Assembly District.